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  1. Proudly presenting... Pineda!

    Miss clicked.
  2. Gears of Phantasm, Steam Game.

    (BUY ON STEAM) Gears of Phantasm Beta Version 2.2 Major June 1st Update, for the DLC. (PRICE OF GAME) Purchase for 10$(Varies on region)* Or playtest the Alpha Demo for free. (Storyline PLOT) A unique take on the classic RPG, two Lords set forth to stop an emerging threat. They must collect...
  3. Would you play a game that used the front-view battle system, even when side-view is an option?

    I think it boils down to whether or not you think the static nature of battlers is a draw back. however there are creative ways to make them more lively such as how I managed to setup my game's battle system in "Gears of Phantasm". You can find it on steam the 1st video is a great example of...
  4. Mechanics you dislike

    I'd love feed back on what you think about think style of combat, it's highly customized.
  5. Not sure how often you take time to play the games sent to you, but if you could give my game a...

    Not sure how often you take time to play the games sent to you, but if you could give my game a shout & review on steam maybe that would be amazing, only if you like the game of course, I'd love to know which games have been your favorites over the years too.
  6. Is 4.99 a reasonable price for an RPG Maker game?

    I've priced my game for 15$ & yes it used default assets. Such prices should be reflected for acceptable conditions. 0.The following are personal guidelines I'd think add value. 1.Time & Effort, a game that has been 0n works for 2+ years. ^1a. Not on & off but directly with the intention of...
  7. Releasing my game on Steam, any opinions on DRM?

    It's my up coming RPG MAKER ACE Game, if anyone wants to check it out the game is called "Gears of Phantasm" list on steam, the date was mis-labeled as Nov 17, however it releases around Dec 1st. I've used "DRM" more or less if you can even call it that to make my game less pirate-able & while...
  8. Skill Equip

    EDIT NVM, this below code works but it wasn't what was triggering my bug issue, private select, actor not in party crash, if you add any conditional branch checking for an actor thats not in party you crash. Modified Code that might solve some bugs...
  9. How would you display total exp acquired by actor.

    Yea I'm sorry for that I should of done more work on it ahead of time before posting, I just couldn't figure it out. I was able to add it in the the scripted status menu without issue.
  10. How would you display total exp acquired by actor.

    Umm, not sure, I'll have to check default, I have alot of scripts, & maybe I didn't explain very well. At lv it would say something like you need 50 to lv then next lv is you need 75. But I'd like to show you have 50 exp & need 75 more to be lv2 & at lv2 it would show you have125 exp & need...
  11. How would you display total exp acquired by actor.

    You can see the current/needed exp in most scripts but I've not managed to find one that shows the total exp gained like in a pokemon game.
  12. Equipment Level Base

    Yea from what I can tell thats how it works by default, & if you added "Script Theo Inventory" to the mix, you end up able to see the items in the Store if equipped but if you upgrade them they cause a glitched item dup to appear & you can't properly discard them, I'm not sure how to work around...
  13. Equipment Level Base

    Found Error in your Upgrade Scene... To prevent odd behavior of crash when you click on the the blank entry No_Selected_Item = "Have anything for me to see?", crashes if allowed. def enable?(item) return false unless item # I added this return true if item.is_a?(RPG::EquipItem) &&...
  14. Skill Equip

    This seems like a pretty massive bug but I is Galv's Timed Atks, this is not issue in scripts themselves other than the fact this script seemings blocks... FORCE.ACTIONS for actors, they don't work if you use a commonevent to trigger a second atk on a enemy target. Found the fix, lol it...
  15. Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError Occurred - Divided by 0

    This is so helpful, I modified the line to def col_max; return item_max+1; end in yanfly's battle system, this stopped my issue for now I was running into this issue during a battle end scenario due to how I was running battle in real time. Edit, thx Sixth, I thought about doing something like...

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Hello! Can anyone help me? I followed making cooking tutorial for RPG Maker MV. But for some reason buff state that food gives doesn't work in overworld. It disappears. What am I supposed to do?
A shotgun is not a rifle. Huh.
SIGH its so hard to convince my friend that making a game for fun and making one to sell takes different planning. I don't care about weird bothersome ways of doing things in a game made for fun, but when you are planning to market it, there is some stuff that you just have to streamline or cut out.
It might be a little bit boring and tedious, but building that database of armor, items, weapons and skills are super important.

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