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    Notes to Self: Little tweaks, mostly chrono engine

    dude that's awesome! meaby you can put idle animation in chrono engine for looks more like chrono instead of the walking anim, great work
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    looking for make work isometic sprites

    well i was thinking in a disgaea style movement i really don't want the traditional up,right,left,down charset
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    looking for make work isometic sprites

    I made this sprites and im trying to make them work is there any plugin that works to retain the right or left position for this type of charset for the movent? or should I build it in another way?
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    SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    If you create a thread I would like to participate in the I am also doing a project
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    SRPG Engine - Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Excuse me, for the first time here does this system have preparation before the battle to choose units? or you can only specify actors?
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    exel.exe sprite box

    New! so much to improve
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    exel.exe sprite box

    Hey i want to use this space for share my pixels comments and opinions makes you better so please leave a comment if you see something that you like
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    Could use some help.

    i recommend Krita its very useful i left you some examples of what im done
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    Tactics System

    i like your system because its more simple to use, the other one is very complex to set up, im been messing with it and is a lot simpler to use this one, i can order the battles with current order of the party so i can put 4 slots for the first 4 actor, it's more simple for the player hope you...
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    Spriter Plugin

    help please! i use 1.6.2 and cant open the demo it crashes at the very start, with this msg " uncaught Type Error: cannot read property "document element" of null its my version the problem?
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    Ultra Mode 7

    hey like this plugin, i have a question, its there a way for use mode 7 with yep scaling sprites? left this examples of my prototypes with mode 7 without mode 7
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    Tactics System

    solve was a problem whit another pluging, it changes the faces in menu for the sd battler, after remove it works again
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    Tactics System

    Excellent plugin I've been using this and it's great but I have a problem when I try to use skills sometimes work and sometimes crash heres whats happening
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    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    thanks for the feedback I will start my tests again with new animations for jumps
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    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    i can make my armature jump im make it wrong? i took the code from drigwood and itdosnt work on armatures, here a test: here the code: <target action> camera focus: target zoom: 120%, 30 opacity not focus: 0, 60 wait for opacity move user: targets, front, 20 jump user: 200, 20 wait...

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