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  1. Iavra Gif

    I tried many times to work with this puglin but cant make it to work, but yesterday i found a adult game dev that uses kinda this puglin and told me he actually had to pay someone to rework the coding of the puglin cause it wasnt working and only 10% change it would work, so now he has the...
  2. Iavra Gif

    Can someone explain to me how the puglin actually works im not good with puglins, I have the puglin already set on rpg maker aswell have the image in strip but now im wondering what do i need to do to make it appear and play the animation, (something apart from this) it would be useful not...
  3. YSP_VideoPlayer

    im still trying to load the video, i did everything already mention in forum and got help from a rpg mv discord and still nothing and the video only has 2 sec im trying to make my own game but its getting hard, if anyone that understands this puglin and could manage to do a tutorial that is...
  4. YSP_VideoPlayer

    This would be alot easier to everyone to understand if someone would make a video tutorial explaining how to make the puglin work, cause just text aint gonna help understand

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