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    Galv's Event Spawn Timers

    Does the timer still run even when you're not on the map the event is on? For example, I set the events to respawn every 5 mins or 300 secs on Map1, when I go to map2 does the timer on events on map 1 still run?
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    @Yanfly about the Event Chase Stealth Plugin, is there some way to deactivate the use of stealth when that player has been found by an event?
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    QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Does QuasiABS work on mobile devices?
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    Hello, I'm looking forward on using your ABS. But does it work on mobile devices or is it just...

    Hello, I'm looking forward on using your ABS. But does it work on mobile devices or is it just for PC?
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    Event Touch

    How do I set it to that? If it's on update 1.5.0, our Internet in the Philippines is slow that it would take days to finish.
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    Event Touch

    That's what I've been doing, using the plugin mentioned above, the enemy (a guard) patrols the area (using the custom route) but if he sees the player (not just bump the player) he will chase it down and when he does, the battle will start. But instead, the enemy does his patrol normally but...
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    Event Touch

    Thanks for the advice, how about in a sneak level. Assuming that the player must get something and he must not be seen. When guards see him, the guard will approach the player. When the guard touches the player, the event will trigger a battle. How do I do that? Do I make the first page the...
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    Event Touch

    Help, an event with the with the "Event Touch" trigger. I use YEP_EventChasePlayer and when the event touches the player nothing happens. The player has to approach the event even though it's trigger is set to "Event Touch" it's like the trigger is set to "Player Touch" everytime. My plan is...
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    Status exclusive to a Weapon

    Is there any plugin that makes a specific weapon type gain a status. For example: State #207 gives a bonus critical rate to weapon type #2. State #210 gives a bleed chance to weapon type #3. State #213 gives a defense penetration to weapon type #4.
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    Skill Proficiency Plugin

    Yeah, after losing hope of finding a plugin like that I have resorted to using a bunch of variables.
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    Script Call to Increase a Variable

    Ok thanks for the help, but let me ask one last thing. Is there script call that determines what ARMOR TYPE the player equips? I'm gonna use it as a Conditional Branch, so when an enemy attacks my player it will determine which skill to increase. For example, if my player has LIGHT ARMOR...
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    Script Call to Increase a Variable

    How about increasing a variable everytime an enemy attacks you?
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    Change Clothing on Actor

    Is there a plugin that changes a clothing on an actor when he equips a certain armor?
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    Script Call to Increase a Variable

    How exactly do I do that? I'm not that "literate" in Javascript. What lines of code/variables do I have to input?
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    Script Call to Increase a Variable

    Is there any way/script call so that when an enemy attacks you or vice versa, it increases a Variable?

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