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    Can an enemy that deals no damage be interesting?

    @Wavelength mentioned enemies who do nothing but can OHKO if you don't take them out quickly. The tonberries in Final Fantasy are a good example, and they became a franchise classic--so this concept is definitely not boring to players. I'm also thinking about a boss in Gravity Rush that would...
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    RMMV Alien Holiday

    Very unique premise for an RPG. Looks like fun!
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    Plugin Maker thread : what's your plan for RM MZ?

    Not a plugin maker, but my suggestion would be to cover basic features first. Personally, I would like a menu editor, and I would like that menu editor to include an option to change screen resolution. Also I'd be interested in touch controls for mobile, assuming MZ doesn't make improvements on...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    First, THANK YOU whoever made the decision not to change the 48x48 tiles so I can finish my half-finished MV project in MZ. But do I want to...? It may be too early to get information about this, but have they made any improvements regarding the ease or functionality of mobile deployment? Are...
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    How do you implement a newspaper system in your world?

    Crisis Core had a system in which the player gets text message alerts, and the messages can be read in the menu. The main problem was that although the messages were nothing but filler, you had to check them or the stupid mail icon would stay on your screen indefinitely. Otherwise I haven't...
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    Dungeon Puzzle Design

    I guess you could say it's a puzzle game with RPG elements? Or an RPG minus combat? The player navigates fantasy worlds and faces monsters, but the monsters are just parts of the puzzles. Puzzles are mostly basic physics and logic but each one requires some additional cognitive or perceptive...
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    Dungeon Puzzle Design

    Hmmm... This discussion is making me want to replay Golden Sun. The games are so old now, I can't remember enough for a more detailed analysis. Unfortunately, I haven't found any RPGs like Golden Sun either. Those games perfectly integrated two genres. I never felt like the puzzles detracted...
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    Dungeon Puzzle Design

    I'm making a puzzle game, so this subject is close to my heart. @staf00 mentioned Pokemon and Golden Sun. There are some big mechanical differences between these games. I've noticed that in the forums people usually mention "Pokemon" when explaining why they hate puzzles. It's unfair to judge...
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    Why are "School" stories so popular?

    I agree with @RachelCantFocus . In modern societies, it's pretty much mandatory to spend most of your young life in school. And school is tremendously boring, especially compared to the adventures kids used to have. I'm thinking for example about my home in Thailand, where kids used to hunt in...
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    How Much Backstory Should I Include and how far you go back?

    My current project is based on fairy tales. Because they're "timeless" fairy tales have no back story. But I still provide a lot of visual and narrative hints that players can use to imagine their own backstory. That is, I think, the goal of backstory: It should mostly be provided by the...
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    Day/Night Cycle Design

    I think it would be important to give the player limited control of the time system. Tents and inns to skip nighttime are good ideas, but I would also want an item or ability to skip daytime. It would also be fun to see NPCs who change completely at night; for example, a town where the...
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    Does gender changes when changing classes bother you?

    You can change genders all you want but it needs to feel natural. Changing gender when changing jobs definitely doesn't feel natural. Adding race into the bargain feels even less natural, at least to me. Like @Aesica suggested, it could be construed as developer laziness. Totally changing the...
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    Obscure Secrets (aka "How the Heck was I supposed to figure that out?!")

    @Ragpuppy87 You forgot the part where you have to stand on your head and rub a chicken leg on the B button to make Yufi join your party. Haha, seriously though, I would strongly discourage indie devs from implementing such secrets. Yes, I do think a major incentive behind them was to sell...
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    Definitive choices, and first try actions

    In my opinion, very few single choices should be permanent. It's better if choices contribute to stats. Not physical stats but character stats. For example, you do something that Jerry doesn't like. You get a -1 Jerry stat. You insult Jerry in front of his boss. -5 from the Jerry stat. You do a...
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    Suggestions on skill learning

    A very unusual but satisfying method I've only seen in one game: Jeanne D'Arc had a skill crafting system. Works basically like crafting equipment. Take two skills you don't want and fuse them together to create a new skill. Skills could then be equipped just like accessories. You could also...

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