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    RMMV The other side of the RPG equation. Playing as the Item Shopkeeper

    To be brutally honest, I'm not sensing the appeal. Buying items is a chore in regular RPGs; it would take a lot of development to make selling them seem attractive. One possibility is to steer away from designing and marketing an RPG. Consider designing a sim game with RPG aesthetics. The usual...
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    Filling in a plothole...siege defense vs. talking to people

    My thought is that the people are monsters. Two scenarios: 1) The protagonist is cursed. She turns into a monster at night and either rival monsters or an angry mob of humans from the town is coming to attack her. 2) The townspeople are cursed. They turn into monsters and attack the protagonist...
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    How to Fix Game Lag in Android?

    Out of curiosity, has anyone tried a large map that's mostly empty space? My game has a 100x100 map, but most of it is just the Night Sky parallax background (the setting is outer space). Not sure if this would cause significant lag?
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    RMMV Pokemon GO Style Game (early concept)

    About finances, you can adjust it to whatever you feel is fair. My concern is that if your api continually charges you for players using the game, it doesn't make sense to charge players for a one-time purchase. You would need a continual stream of income such as players purchasing stamina...
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    RMMV Include a Troll item?

    Personally, I would want to change back eventually. But in any case, I think you should throw out some hints before the player encounters a game-changing mechanic. For example, somewhere near the fruit's hiding place, the player walks into a cottage and meets an old woman with a chicken. The old...
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    RMMV Pokemon GO Style Game (early concept)

    Amazing work!! You get the golden chalice for programming. I especially love the weather system and the sprite icons. Using simple icons without moving animations would allow you to create a huge variety of NPC characters with relative ease. That's crazy about Google's rates but I definitely...
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    What is the best item you expect to get in a game for completing a task?

    @Tai_MT I think it would be very hard for players to discover that, even if they were curious and appreciated lore. Lots of games have items with no function in battle. Usually they are meant to be sold for a high price in shops. A gold ring should sell for a good price, so if I had one in my...
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    Quick Time Events/Button Prompt in RPGs

    The problem with QTE is this is a rare mechanic that players cannot practice, and RPGs are all about practice, or repitition with subtle variations. QTE is done badly if the QTE controls are more complex than the actual game controls.IIf the game is like Street Fighter, it makes sense that...
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    What should the trade off be to skip a puzzle that the player has trouble completing?

    I like the concept of having an NPC help, if the NPC is also a minor puzzle. For example, IF you helped the kid in town find her lost puppy, she will help you find your way through the puzzle. You can make it more abstract and puzzly if the player has to walk back and ask the kid for help...
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    How do you format your citation?

    I would do the same as @MushroomCake28 with one addition: I organize names in each category from most to least resources used. This way large contributors get more status in the credits real without me having to list which resources they created. I would also have a separate category for artists...
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    on challenge, decisions, and consequences

    Recently, there was a similar discussion about penalties and punishing the player. Instead of asking, Should I punish the player and how? I think it's better to ask, Would the player forgive me if I punished them, and why? The number of game overs and the amount of backtracking a player will...
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    Rules Ideas That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread

    I don't know about number 4, but number 1-3 should be very easy. You don't need a plugin. You can do this with event switches. Basically, if the player chooses the Bard trait, make a "Bard" switch and set it to "ON." It remains on throughout the game, unless you make another event turn it off...
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    What are the reasons people don't want to put a credit in their games?

    I agree with the above about why people don't/should include credit. Regarding why some resource creators don't ask for credit, it usually depends on originality. In my page of written resources, I ask for credit for full dialogue scenes and poetry, but no credit is needed for one-liners. Many...
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    RMMV Pokemon GO Style Game (early concept)

    I have been off the forums for a while, but I saw this today. Very curious, @?????? have you gone any further with this project? Seriously, this blew my mind. A lot of people in the forums have talked about making an open world RM game, and you've literally done it! Or at least you've made it...
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    Expectations for Steam game sales (Gamasutra articles)

    @bgillisp , That is correct. You can offer a print version of the book exclusively through Amazon. I was speaking from the perspective of getting your title into bookstores. Most bookstores never stock Amazon-only titles, partly because they are skeptical of indie books, but mainly because they...

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