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  • waiting for help
    As you posted this only 2 minutes after posting your thread, that is not surprising.
    Remember this is an international site, and due to time zones, people will have different work/leisure/sleep patterns. In addition, for many people Friday (when you posted) and the whole weekend, will have a particularly large amount of time spent on RL things as it is Easter. You may have to exercise a bit of patience.
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My entire world, full of monsters and treasures, will likely be done by the end of the year. After that it's all NPCs and side quests... then done. I'm never making an open world game again xD
The more I read Calvin and Hobbes as an adult, the more I deeply respect Bill Watterson. Plenty of stuff flew over my head, but now that I'm old enough to appreciate the viewpoints he shared with the fun and imagination? I am grateful that C&H was basically my early childhood.
After years of relying on others and the community to help with making my games, I've decided to delve into the world of scripting. Thought I'd share a few simple scripts that I made that I'm very proud of and excited about!

Redesigning characters after such a long time feels great. Makes me excited to work on an old game again.
Phone menu to replace main menu WIP:

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