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    Making a game together with Twitch chat? Ideas?

    Thanks everyone! You've given me the confidence to put it in my schedule! I'm excited to get back into RPG Maker :D :D
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    Making a game together with Twitch chat? Ideas?

    Thank you!! I'm gonna look that up. I wonder if there are youtube clips from the time he was making that. Edit: There are!! It looks like he just made the game over stream. I assume chat helped him out along the way, though! I agree, it can get boring! But as a streamer, you make it...
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    Making a game together with Twitch chat? Ideas?

    Hello! I used to be kinda active in this community, made a few super obsolete-by-now tutorials for RPG Maker, then disappeared. Now I'm a vtuber and go by LoriVT on Twitch! I've got the "itch" again to make something with RPG Maker, but I'd love to do it together with my chat! I wanted to ask...
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    The Overwhelming "New Project" Button

    This is basically how I do it too. My games will typically have something that's unique about it in some way that goes against default RPG Maker capability, so I have to go in and program that (and by "program," I just mean, find literally all the things that will make it work the way I need...
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    To Parallax Map or Not to Parallax Map

    I parallax because I know my strengths and weaknesses. I am terrible at mapping with tiles in the editor, but there are some people who are able to do so flawlessly and beautifully! For example, I got the FSM forest tileset, and it took way too long for me to figure out how to put the trees...
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    RMMV Evie's Enchanted Emporium [Crafting & Shop Management RPG] - Demo Available!

    3/14 Update Yummy pie day! A slightly pitiful update, but I felt like I needed to! No fun screenshots to show, just a promise that progress is still underway. I got a pretty bad cold the past two weeks and it's taken ages for me to feel better (I'm 7 months pregnant so getting over anything as...
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    Organization and Design of Shops

    I've got a crafting game right now, but the crafting stations are blocked by what chapter of the story the character is currently in. So at the beginning, when users don't have access to a forge to make weapons, they'll instead the NPC who acts as the Weapon Merchant. I'm using Yanfly's more...
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    Changing Opacity for Unusable Items?

    @Magnus0808 Neato :D Thank you! Works like a charm!
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    Changing Opacity for Unusable Items?

    @CaRa_CrAzY Yay, it worked!! Thank you :D So glad that was a simple enough solution. For anyone in the future, I decided to put the whole snippet into its own plugin without need to edit rpg_window: Window_ItemList.prototype.drawItem = function(index) { var item = this._data[index]; if...
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    Changing Opacity for Unusable Items?

    Hi everyone! I am using the default item UI and would like to figure out how to remove the grayed out/slightly transparent look for items that aren't usable (ideally, back to 255, or maybe even 230 or something - but not as low as it is now). I went into rpg_windows and found on line 243...
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    Aw I wish I could work on my game every day! But i am usually so exhausted after work that I can't. If I do have the energy, maybe 2 hours or so before I gotta cook dinner. Weekends are when I get stuff done. 6-8 hours sounds about right I think!
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    I'm no mod, but maybe make a General Discussion post framing the question like... "What RPG...

    I'm no mod, but maybe make a General Discussion post framing the question like... "What RPG Maker game do you think best utilizes default functionality?" Or google "Best RPG Maker games" there's probably tons of lists out there. Can't go wrong with Off Topic either, I don't think...
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    What's the appeal of Idle RPGs?

    I played an idle game on my phone for a few months. I thought it was so dumb, "Why am I enjoying this?!", but there I was opening it up every few minutes for whatever reason. I can't remember what the game was since I've since uninstalled it. Bummer. So I am an old lady who really dislikes...
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    Random 0 FPS in 1.6

    Just to add on to this without any help to the topic at all, but I've encountered this same issue, and someone also mentioned it happening to them on rpgmaker's subreddit (which I commented saying "hey me too", so why not here too for good measure). Basically the game will just graphically...
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    RMMV Evie's Enchanted Emporium [Crafting & Shop Management RPG] - Demo Available!

    Update! 1 March, 2019 I've been pretty tired after work this past week but I have managed to put in some progress! A major Chapter 2 Map has been .. er, well, mapped! I put it up on YouTube again if you're interested: I'm not terribly in love with it (I'm so bad at the FSM tiles!), but it's...

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