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    Game Submission for【Random】

    It's my honor to have such a video review from @Indrah :) Our project finally got 9 votes and a video review, and I'm quite satisfy with this results. LoL. Yes you are correct, this is definitely not a playable game, but a early alpha prototype. A tech demo I would say. I never got time to...
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    2014 IGMC Results!

    Con to all the winners! Especially 【The Vendor】, @Galenmereth you finally made it :)
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    Game Submission for【Random】

    Updated a sample of screenshot with filter... But this feature is not included inside the submission because I ran out of time :(
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    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    I believe participation itself is the most important thing. Because there is not too much limitation in this contest. For example, I can find some group submitted project which could be developed for more than 30 days. That means ... oh, Rule already changed :) But it is good to bring...
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    2014 Indie Game Maker Contest

    Wow, this is totally insane!! I should have used the steam version to record mine :) Seriously, you are so good and made me envy :D I started my development since the beginning of June. But my major blocker is the OT of my job and Hearthstone. I rushed in the last weekend and sleep barely...
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    Game Submission for【Random】

    Just use this thread as the guide/tutorial of my game <Random> My friend told me he cannot understand the logic of 'ABCXYZ' => 'ZXCASD' mapping. So I upload a new link with this minor fix, to avoid confusing about the RMXP key mapping.
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    Game Submission for【Random】

    I got the reason. The link in the dashboard is \add\<game_id>. The final page should be Anyway, I'll update this page later and provide more information about this tiny game :) I need some sleep...
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    Game Submission for【Random】

    == Random ==   A Game with Dynamically Generated Content Official Page and Download Link: Vote if you like it: I'll publish all the tech I developed for this game soon. (It's not encrypted anyway) Including but not...

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Made some simple samples with the Time Reversal Mechanic. It would be interesting to make a bigger puzzle where you could dynamically choose which elements are affected by the time reverse. But if there's much more than move routes and waits, it's starts to get too annoying for my brain :D Like even that exploding bomb was such a bother.
Question: How do you sort your tilesets? Do you prefer to have "A2" or "B" or "A4" at the front of the name or what the map is about and then what it is?
Example 1: A2_ForestTown
Example 2: ForestTown_A2
Today I realized taking 1000 x 1000 px image and turning it into a 96 x 96 portrait looks... bad
Well... some good news from Kanori, actually... My interest in getting into aviation has been reignited by a wonderful story of a 14 year girl who made a cross country journey in an ultralight aircraft. Too many details to list, but the gist is I don't need to go through $15,000 worth of training to fly such an aircraft. I will need to thank her if I ever meet her at any airshows, etc. :)
new boss I worked on today... I realized I don't really have any giant monsters in my game, so with this I decided to change that.

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