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  • My game has almost 40 different jobs now... I love making jobs. I suppose it will be something unique about my game.
    The computer I was on had something different to say about the time posted LOLHUH.png
    Pokemon has upwards of 900 different mons, and lets assume a third of them are fully evolved. So that is 300 different playstyles. 40 is not even a 6th of that. I'm good fam, don't worry!
    Pokemon are closer to "Actors" instead of classes or jobs, considering a ton of the also share a skill set that is extremely limited. So they very, very rarely play any differently than each other... its just down to do I like this Pokemon or this one in many cases...
    I have 30 classes for my game and I am super excited. I'm doing a job system :D I decided to make each class have 4 skills, but you can equip 4 extra varying skills. So you can give countless combinations of unique builds to your characters, of which there will be 8, so lots of party management :D That's really what I want in my game.
    Finally finished the first map of the newest iteration of my game, tentatively named Artistic Essence. You light 9 torches, which opens the door to the boss room. Included a soulslike mechanic where if you lose a fight you get sent back to the start of the area instead of having to reset. It's far from perfect, but it finally has a unique combat mechanic that makes it feel at least a bit fresh, lol.
    Any tips for doing sprite work without a touch pad?
    Well... the first 2 years I did pixelart I used a mouse.

    Can't really think of any tip though that is any different from using a tablet.
    But at least you can feel better by knowing that pixelart is one artform that is not too difficult doing with a mouse.
    Though it is a bit slower than doing it with a tablet.
    Same, coming here as someone who's doing pixel art with mouse. Don't be afraid to use the line/curve/shape tool as a base, since you can always add/remove strokes later. I usually use the rectangle and line tools to make the basic shapes of some of my sprites, and then "carve" out the silhouette with the eraser.
    I'm working on "growth rooms" for my characters. These consist of two rooms, one where a player can spend items to permanently grow their stats and learn new skills, and one where they can place stat orbs that will grant them invisible stat boosting states. These orbs can be interchanged and removed.


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I'm finally loving making the battles again - got a much more streamlined system going. I just hope I can get this game done soon so I can move on!
finally finished the 1st part of my game, it'll be releasing this friday after 7 months of work :LZYsmile:

the game is going to have 3 chapters with two parts to them, and now i've finished chapter 1, part one with a good hour of gameplay and a seperate route already starting
Recorded myself while doing some parallax mapping
Emotional maturity is using facts and logic to form your emotions. Emotional immaturity is using your emotions to form your logic and facts.
Got a 25 buck secret santa budget and managed to score 3 DVDs for 1,50 in total at the christmas market at university. I might need a handcart to transport the final result xD

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