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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    A new demo of Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind is finally ready! It has completely redone backgrounds, a revamped combat system and more! It took a while, but I think it's worth it! You can grab the new demo here:
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    berri's pixels and more

    Very nice!
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    Hi there, and nice to meet you!
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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    I decided to change the art style of the maps. Although I really like the Time Fantasy style, I didn't like the maps I had for the game. After some experiments, I settled on a new style I do like. Here are two comparison images. Also, I made a new update movie!
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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Friday update time! Here's a new video about the progression of the game. Some musings about building a hub world, and everlasting stories, and new gameplay footage!
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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Thanks! If you have any observations / criticisms, would love to hear them :)
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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Hear ye, hear ye! The king of Eastwind wishes it to be known, that the evil wizard Radu has been spotted on the island! A wizard of great evil, heroes are encouraged to track down this evil-doer, and shoot, or ehm ... swing on sight! But be warned, many goodly heroes have fallen before his...
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    RMMZ Lantern of Worlds - Eastwind

    Hi there! Welcome to the world of Eastwind! A beautiful island near the edge of this world and the next. The first demo is now available on! Story Plagued by recurring monster invasions, the king of Eastwind has instituted the Eastwind Heroics, a grand tournament open to all...
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    RMMZ Battler Breathing plugin?

    Hey thanks! Will take a look at it right away!
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    Character selection Screen

    Well, you would need a plugin to make pictures clickable, if you plan on using pictures. VisuStella has one. Tie the pictures to a common event that uses the "Change class" (under event commands) and "Change party member" commands, and Bob's your uncle.
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    RMMZ VisuStella Movement Core - Ship \ player problem!

    Hi there, I've got a problem with VisuStella's movement plugin. I have a ship (vehicle) that should be able to cross the water, (when the player is in it) but when the player exits, he should not be able to walk across the water. But if I designate a certain region impassable for walking, the...
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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Thanks, I'll try that!
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    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    Hi there, I don't want to interupt your conversation here, but I had a little question about the plugin. Is it possible to create lighting sources during battle, like torchlights on the background? Best regards, Fabian
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    Is The 3rd Time The Charm?

    Sounds great! I could use some clean underwear :)
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    Saying Hey!

    Hi there and welcome!

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