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    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    I can't seem to find the demo on your website. Is it posted somewhere else?
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    Galv's Message Styles MZ

    So I may be a bit late to this party, but whenever I try to use this I get the following error: FAILED TO LOAD: img/system/WindowArrow.png Is there a special arrow image we need to have for this to work?
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    In case anyone followed this thread and was hoping to see the final design, here it is! Thank you everyone for the input! <3
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    Ooh! Thank you for the idea! I'll definitely do that! Thanks! I'm actually color blind so that really helps!:wub
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    Thanks! Yeah I was just thinking that too! I plan on scripting NPCs to be walking around the shop as well, but rugs would definitely help it look better. Any tips on color? Also, FYI - the link for your GUI and events shop doesn't route to the correct place. Just goes to a broken web page.
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    Hey all! I started working on making a paralax item shop. I've never done paralaxing before, and I would love to hear peoples comments, criticisms and critiques. This is a WIP, so any comments people have on how to better the map would be very helpful! The idea is that the player will be able...
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    Making a large selection list?

    Thank you so much! I actually ended up using the hidden item method. It works well enough, though I wish there was a way to add 1 or 2 more categories. Thank you so much for the help! :)
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    Making a large selection list?

    I'm trying to make a game in which the player can "randomly" generate a dungeon by grouping 3 key words from a large list of beginning, middle and end words. Each list is would start out with roughly 10-12 words and grow as the player progresses through the story, eventually ending in them...
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    RMMZ [HUD Maker Ultra] Change transparency when actor is close?

    As the title says, does anyone who uses or has used HUD Maker Ultra for RMMZ know how to make it so that the transparency will change when the player gets close to the overlay edge? As it stands, I have an HP bar running along the right side of the screen, but in some maps the player is able to...
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    Spent all day drawing sprites. Got ONE character about 50% finished. There HAS to be a faster...

    Spent all day drawing sprites. Got ONE character about 50% finished. There HAS to be a faster way to get better assets...
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    Oh wow! Did you make that?! That is legitimately impressive!

    Oh wow! Did you make that?! That is legitimately impressive!
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    RMMZ RPG Maker Weapons/Armor/Item NFT Marketplace

    Thats truly impressive! But question: If you were to create an NFT for one game, HOW would you use it in another? Assuming assets between games aren't shared, how would you allow for one person to use one games assets in another? Also, whats to stop someone from just...hacking the game and...
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    That's awesome! Congratulations!

    That's awesome! Congratulations!
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    Video games that have inspired you in your own RPG Maker projects

    Granblue Fantasy, Brave Frontier, Kings Raid, etc. Basically, if the game has gorgeous art and a relaxed gameplay, it's a great game to me. Even if it has gacha or microtransactions.
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    Stories from the 70s-90s?

    Honestly, I'd say go watch the first few episodes of "Stranger Things - Season 1". It does a pretty good job of portraying the daily life of 90's kids in middle class America. Life, at least for kids, revolved around: - School - Hanging out with friends - Biking around to places nearby Nobody...

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