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    Avy's MV Stuff

    WOW Avery! I have to say, I always end up with such a pleasant surprise each December when I log on to see what's new. Really, these resources are so astounding. My personal favorite would be those rideable wolves (I'm such a sucker for wolves, always) and the character sprites for the dragon...
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    Oh lord I haven't posted an update on here in over a year :x

    Oh lord I haven't posted an update on here in over a year :x
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    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Guild Reception booths]

    These are some great tiles. Thanks for sharing :D
  4. feckyeslife

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    Wow what great work with the roofs! Thank you for sharing them with us :]
  5. feckyeslife

    Fuffydud's MV Decor, Wall Art, etc.

    These are awesome resources! I'm a huge fan of the different statues. Thanks for sharing :kaothx:
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    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    @hadecynn That's great to hear! I'll keep my ears open then :kaothx:
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    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Glad to hear that Thaumaturgy is doing so well! And it's great to hear that you'll be able to work on more animations once again :) I know that the Archive releases are done at 20fps. What would a package price look like for getting them in the same 60fps that's available for the paid DLC?
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    I'm cackling a bit at having created the resources through spite but then forgetting to release them XD Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing what you create with the community. You're a real gem :kaojoy:
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I'm late to the party, but dang I'm in LOVE with those fox and kitsune battlers!! Absolutely awesome since I'm quite partial to them ^^;; And the RTP battlers of the demons and bosses - WOW! Amazing work, Hiddenone :kaopride:
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    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    Looks amazing! As soon as the demo came out on RPG Maker's youtube I was looking for the store link ^_^
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    Taarna's backgrounds and related

    Very nice macro photography. That pocketwatch is *beautiful*!
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    RMMV Battle Animation Sets By Coopziana

    Mathemagicks sounds like quite the cool skill. Thanks for including the action sequence, too :kaojoy: Great resources.
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    ReStaff RPG Maker 28th Birthday Edition!

    What a cool event! And thanks @Avery for the excellent resources. I really like the fire cave set; it looks like a great addition to the other cave set you'd released on your thread a while ago :kaoluv: Looking forward to seeing what other artists share with the community!
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Hot damn, those volcanoes are SMOKIN *cricket cricket* Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously, what a cool resource. Thanks for sharing it!! ^_^
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    MV RTP Shoulder-Up Portraits

    Just seeing these now, but boy they are really well polished. Thanks for sharing! :3

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