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Tiny setback. Turns out my Title Screen image and one of my primary background & avatar images are AI Generated. Glad I went back and checked all my resource links. So I am in hot pursuit of replacement images. Which is fine since I was still missing some images that I need anyway.
Watching Vibrato Chain Battle System is too awesome! watch I wish had this gfx and animation skill to make such game!
Got drawn back by a notification about QPlugins. For those who want the MZ versions I was using, they're on my Github. https://github.com/ImaginaryVillain/QPlugins I literally don't care what you do with them, have fun! :LZSlol:

Meanwhile.. I'm glorying over these 550 new Victorian house models Epic gave me this month. See next post for examples....
Got my new monitor. Good news is, my display issues with linux are okay now. Bad news is, the readability of letters is a bit worse compared to the previous one.
Also, why the heck did I buy a 21.5" one when it's no longer sufficient for my needs?

It's a Christmas miracle. I finally got a recording to actually capture sound.

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