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    RMVXA Doce Sonhar [In Development]

    Yes, the demo is available in two languages: English and Portuguese. Yes, the demo is available in two languages: English and Portuguese.
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    RMVXA Doce Sonhar [In Development]

    STORY Doce Sonhar is a RPG, Puzzle, Exploration and Drama game focused on the story of the main character (unnamed) and his family. You are a little girl with pink hair, lonely and quite depressive. You has been going through many bad situations since you were a child. You just woke up in...
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    Stop displaying new game if a save file exists.

    Replace line 133 by this: add_command(Vocab::new_game, :new_game) if !DataManager.save_file_exists?
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    I have a doubt...

    I have a doubt... So I've noticed that it's possible to get one of the RPG Maker DLC packs out of steam. (The Time Fantasy) This pack bought out of steam, gives freedom to be used in any engine. I wonder why this difference. After all, it would be more advantageous to buy the pack outside of...
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    RMVXA Sabrina - Game

    Thanks for playing XD I will consider everything you said in future versions. The time is enough to get there. Just go the right way. XD Thanks for playing ^~
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    RMVXA Sabrina - Game

    Hello everyone, this time I don’t come to bring any update, but I come to make a request for all. o/ My game is participating in a Game Jam, promoted by a channel on YouTube. ("Canal do Maker") I beg for everyone who played the game, vote in the game, if you liked. Thanks for reading. XD ~Sorry...
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    RMVXA Sabrina - Game

    Synopsis You are an alcoholic man who is wasting his time in front of a television before going to sleep. You hear strange sounds coming from the kitchen, and you go to investigate the source. 15 - 30 Minutes Gameplay Images Credits and Download Credits: Felipe Falcon, Hudell, Graphics...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    Wow what beautiful works I found here. After seeing some pictures, I decided to post some pictures of my game. It's in Portuguese, sorry for that.
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    Fantasy Farming - Orange Season

    I'll be downloading as soon as possible. \o/ I hope it works without problems. XD
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    Sete Ossos

    Sorry, I took the English version of the game of all the places that divulged. The version had serious spelling mistakes because I did not know much of the language, which compromised the understanding of history. (I only speak and write Portuguese correctly) I do not know when or if the...
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    Frame Stop (Bug Fix)

    I've changed. XD Worst I had tried to use @x, @y but for some reason the @direction was not. I was trying to @d         :( Thanks for the suggestion. Warning: The stop can be a little "hard" if the speed of char frames is edited.
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    Frame Stop (Bug Fix)

    Frame Stop (Bug Fix) by FelipeFalcon Introduction Certainly a lot of people must have noticed and not given much importance. (With small chars not make much difference, but it occurs) This "little mistake" always occurs when you are walking, and collides with something. Not quite a mistake...
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    Is it Possible To Suplex a train?

    yes it's possible with scripts. Example how can do: for Battleback animations. And for Battle Type Search for "SBS"
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    Artsy Mapping Contest

    This one visual original resource cannot be "character"? And if I win in 1st place ... I can give someone if I already have the RPG Maker VX Ace, and still keep the other two resources packs for me?

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