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  1. TSR_MoveEvent

    Sounds good :) I look forward to it!
  2. TSR_MoveEvent

    @MasterTenchi I didn't say anything was bad. I just don't want the Character to throw the items he picks up. However, I also don't want to push these items back and forth. So quasi a normal pick up and put down.
  3. TSR_MoveEvent

    @TSR Really great Plugin, thank u very much :) Do I have the possibility to deactivate the throwing completely? I have tried with the <PREVENT THROW REGION: 1>. When I use it to fill the space completely, the game freezes. I would like to virtually just pick up and drop an event. May one...
  4. OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    To be Continued xD I think it's great that you put so much emphasis on performance and I really can only hope that you will find a solution despite the hard difficulty :)
  5. OcRam - Lights plugin (for MV)

    @OcRam is there now a light blockade for walls? ^^ I asked about it a while ago. :) Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in the current version either. Do you still plan to bring that in?
  6. Knight Editor: Visual Doodad Editing

    @Kaelan Thank you for the update! Unfortunately, I can't select any doodads in the lower area with the update (for example, when I scroll). Only doodads up to a certain section can be selected.
  7. Chau Custom Resolutions Version 3.0.0

    Hey :) Something new?
  8. Chau Custom Resolutions Version 3.0.0

    @chaucer Thank you for your quick feedback. I'm already pretty tired and exhausted, but I made two small videos for you. Since I have no idea, I do not want to comment much, except that the screens have the required resolution (but is shown again in the video). I will send you the link via PM...
  9. Different resolution for title screen and in the game itself (black bars)

    Thanks, you are a great help as always :) Here is a list of the plugins I've tried + comment: - Yanfly core engine (works well, only in game no change possible) - Black Bars plugin from Christian Schicho (works well, no changes in game possible) - RS_Resolution_Screen (does not work for me...
  10. Chau Custom Resolutions Version 3.0.0

    @chaucer Hello :) First: Thank you for the great Plugin and the Update for it. I have here some Error Report for you. Critical Error with the Fullscreen Button. If you use the Fullscreen Button in the menu, the plugin is unusable. I am not an expert, however I believe that the plugin damages...
  11. Different resolution for title screen and in the game itself (black bars)

    Hm, yes I know the plugin (was also happy about the update). However, the plugin also contains serious errors, about which I will inform Chaucer. So far I have not found any script / plugin commands. Do you know commands for this plugin or was it just a guess?
  12. Different resolution for title screen and in the game itself (black bars)

    Hello :) I haven't found a plugin for my problem yet. The game should start and be played on the full screen. The problem that arises from this is a too large map. The view in the game itself should therefore be restricted by the black bars, as if you were playing on the default resolution...
  13. Iavra Video Title (Updated Version) - Scaling Problems

    :D So I have to say that I'm pretty stunned about the cause. Why it didn't work with all 3 projects was the name of the plugin. The original name is "AXY_TitleVideo". Well ... I named it "AXY_Title_Video". So I never expected that the name could play such a role. In any case, I know in the...

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