To paraphrase a good book, the best introduction is always to say who you are. So... Call me Fermmoylle. Yes, double M, double L. Old nick used since modems cringed while trying to connect with an astounding 28.8kbps speed. Yes, I'm old. I look to all these kids around me and think they should get off of my lawn. On the top of it, I'm Brazilian, so forgive my bad English. I do try my best to learn every day. My earliest RPG Maker experiences date back to RPGM95--as an user.--RM2K gave me my first attempt at creating a game (at the time, a groundbraking game using RTP only, one of the first games made in Portuguese, called "A última Dama do Fogo"--The Last Lady of Fire, in a rough translation.--the game was based on a novel I was writing at the time. And yes, I'm also a writer, with a few published titles under my real name--Marcelo Paschoalin). Then I just faded out in the lurking part of the net. I've browsed many RPG Maker forums, I've saw the rise of RM2K3, RMXP, VX, and ignored VX ACE and the newest kid. I liked to read about the systems, the scripts, the curious things creative people liked to do... A few nights ago, out of nowhere, I've found out RM2K3 was on Steam. Now, you must know I'm mostly a console gamer (nowadays I have a PS3, but I started on an old Atari 2600), and the only game I owned on Steam was Age of Mythology (for research and nostalgic purposes). And, after two days tinkering with the program, I've decided to purchase RPG Maker MV. Yes, just like that.So, here I am. A 36-years old Brazilian novelist who is thinking once again about creating a game. Maybe after all these years lurking (and writing dark fantasy books) I still have the mojo to develop something. 

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Jan 4, 1980 (Age: 41)
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Worked on a cutscene skip domino effect using Maker Systems' script as the basis. Basically if I have a batch of cutscenes in a row on different maps, now when you skip one cutscene it will skip the entire set. No more spamming X to skip a scene every new map.

Oh and it will work regardless of where you do it from in the set. Convenient!
seems absolutely WILD to me now all the hundreds of hours of work I used to do in 2k(3) over a decade ago with a resolution of 320x240. that seems so insanely TINY now, seemed so normal at the time!
Playing Aroma Indosiar theme song.
Aroma is an Indonesian TV show about cooking. :)
Working on a characteeer! (Why is it so hard to color hair?) ;-;
Just finished eventing a couple simple puzzles in RMMV, for my very first game "Sample Quest." Just messing around, throwing things together, and calling it a story XD On a non-RM note, got my hair cut today!

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