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    Weapons and elements

    Yes! Check this link It works like a charm.
  2. Fermmoylle

    Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Iliketea, I've tried to download your generator pieces, but I can't seem to un-rar them. Every time I try there's an error. MediaFire problems? EDIT: Solved. Thanks anyway.
  3. Fermmoylle

    Damage to MP State

    How can I create a State where all damage caused to the actor with that State is applied to his MP instead HP? And if the MP is depleted, apply damage to HP as normal (and disable the State). EDIT: Found a way. Thread can be closed.
  4. Fermmoylle

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Well, I've just included YEP_BattleEngineCore and everything started working as it should. So far, all I can tell you is the lack of Yanfly's plug-in caused the mirror issue (btw, it mirrors the side-view using your add-on too), but nothing beyond that. Thanks a lot. :-)
  5. Fermmoylle

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Oh, I haven't included that plugin... So... Why is it not crashing?
  6. Fermmoylle

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Still doesn't work. No other plug-ins active during testing (the screenshot was taken previously to seeing your attached file, but the results are still the same). I don't know what's wrong here...
  7. Fermmoylle

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Nope. Didn't work. No error messages, no nothing. Plug-in still splits damage, but the animation was not mirrored.
  8. Fermmoylle

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    I've just tested your plug-in using the standard "first-person" battle view and the off-hand weapon animation is not mirrored (so, equipping two daggers doesn't appear as causing an "X" hit, but two "/" in sequence. Is that intentional? I'd rather having the off-hand animation flipped, if possible.
  9. Fermmoylle

    Weapons and elements

    How to do that? I can't find a way to learn the correct sintax for that.
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    Weapons and elements

    Hi! I'm having a bit of difficulty with a particular damage formula, and my searches didn't helped a bit. I have two kinds of weapons in my game: pure physical weapons and enchanted (elemental) weapons. When the user attacks with a pure physical weapon (command Attack), it's the default...
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    RMMV cathegory

    I have my game to be downloaded in Google Drive as well (including a version in Portuguese), but it seems strange to have RMMV absent from that list. I mean, this is the first place people look for RPG Maker, so... why no RMMV games? At least, why aren't they listed?
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    Linear Rpg

    What about a straight corridor with rooms on its side, but no other corridors? It would be something like this: | | | ------------------------------ | | You may never explore those rooms, but they are there and offer something more.
  13. Fermmoylle

    RMMV cathegory

    No, that's not what I mean. The tag is something you type, the cathegory is something you choose from a list. See the screenshot, please. I've compiled two screenshots in one. You can see, on the right, that there's no RMMV cathegory. And on the bottom (on the screen I may edit the game's...
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    RMMV cathegory

    I've just submitted my game to the site, but I couldn't find "RPG Maker MV" or "RMMV" as a cathegory on the drop down menus. There's only RPG Maker 2k up to VX Ace and IG... So far, my game has no engine listed due to this. Did I miss the RMMV label or there is no label there?
  15. Fermmoylle

    Equip menu alteration

    Okay, if allow me to be a bit verbose and expand this request, by all means let me be verbose. :-) On the attachment we have (at the top) my current Status menu (based on PHLiM2's original plug-in). In case you are wondering, this status menu also shows the equipment held by the party. On...

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