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    Eternal Twilight

    You are right on the money, GARRUS, the boss in the Delta Tower is indeed named after that character from Mass Effect (I LOVE THAT GAME SERIES)!
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    How do YOU make Luck relevant?

    In my game, Eternal Twilight, I repurposed the Luck stat into a stat I called "Power" - which was then used to show players how strong their characters were. The Power stat was strictly for visual purposes and didn't impact anything in battle. In certain boss fights or dungeons, you could then...
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    Eternal Twilight

    @Misake - There's no right or wrong answer, just go with whoever you liked more. All it changes is some dialogue later on and slightly alters a secret boss you fight much later in the post-game.
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    How would you feel if wearing masks becomes a thing from now on?

    It's just the world we currently live in, so I'll don the mask with no qualms about it until there's no need to anymore. That being said, the only place so far that I've actually hated wearing a mask is at the gym because it makes breathing SOOOOO difficult when you're doing any exercises that...
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    Eternal Twilight

    Omg, that's crazy you killed that boss so fast that he never even triggered that part of the fight, hahaha. I'm going to have to add some fail-safes to that fight to make sure that the INSTINCT learning event triggers. Thanks for bringing this up.
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    Eternal Twilight

    @t28nguye Ryudo not learning instinct is a super weird bug... I fixed it for your save file and also got you through the puzzle. I will do a completely fresh play through the game to see if I can run into any similar bugs like that. As for lagging in Sidamo, unfortunately, I don't think there's...
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    I don't think it's a good idea.

    Mehhhh, I wouldn't sweat it.
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    Designing boss battles

    I used to be a hardcore raider in FF11 and WOW, so this particular boss mechanic is one that I really capitalized on when creating my boss fights. I think creating "phases" dependent on the boss's HP, where they gain/lose abilities and change up their tactics keeps a boss battle engaging and...
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    Eternal Twilight

    New bump, who 'dis? :)
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    Eternal Twilight

    @williamcarroll17 - Awesome! I hope you enjoy all my hard work. ^_^
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    Eternal Twilight

    @t28nguye - This boss is mechanically pretty tricky. His little minions only take 1 damage from all attacks, but have very small health pools. If one of his minions dies, the boss will immediately counter by destroying your entire team with his attack that does millions of damage and completely...
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    Eternal Twilight

    You're very welcome. Best of luck to you on Echo Succubus! ^_^
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    Eternal Twilight

    If you open up your MENU and then go to STATUS, you can then look at a GUIDE for each character. When you scroll to the bottom of the guide, it'll tell you what 3 stats you should focus on for each character. In reality, SPIRIT is only useful for DAMIEN and TRISH, as their spells have SPIRIT...
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    Eternal Twilight

    @t28nguye - Hey there, so sorry for the super late response, I wasn't able to access my computer for a few days. I'll need both your save file (the one you sent me already) AND the global save file to be able to load up your game file. As for the second hard boss, I assume you're talking about...

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