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  1. Animated Enemies

    sorry the trouble, it's fixed now. i had reinstall the plugin and remove and add again the battlers. could not use the one from before.  ^^/ 
  2. Animated Enemies

    yeah it's off , but they still small. =\ 
  3. Animated Enemies

    --sorry my bad english , it's not my first language-- Hello rexal \o i'm was thinking. if theres someway to avoid the breath enemies becaming smaller when you position they up in the battle position (picture for example)  cause that's make the sprite looks tiny in coparison to SV battlers. ...
  4. Animated Enemies

    Wow! thanks for the fast response! and thank you for the great update ♥  *O*
  5. Battle Weather

    Thank you! it's simple but an amazing plugin :D   ♥ 
  6. Animated Enemies

    Thanks a lot for this plugin. i like static enemies so it's really nice the breathing effect. but asking...there's a freature on rpg maker 2k3. that's a floating animation for enemies. it's possible to make that in this plugin? well thanks in advance ♥ it's a great plugin! i love it \o/  and...
  7. [Request] Flying / Floating Enemies (Like rpg maker 2k3)

    Hello. well i like the FF format of having static enemies and i enjoyed a lot the rpg maker 2003. but there's a freature that i miss. it's making enemies float *to show they're flying or something.*  sorry if i can't express myself better. english it's not my first language. but here's a...

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Quite the versatile cast so far :p


Edit: Sprites are made by Alexdraws and TheMightyPalm. I just edited them.
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Well, rats. Was really looking forward to trying out FPS Creator, but trying to install and set it up was pretty much impossible for my tiny brain to comprehend. So much for that, then.
Ah, home once more! I think I can safely work on my games now.

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