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    RPG Maker MV 3D Labyrinth Tool Idea

    Would pay $15-20 easy for this.
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    Visual Novel Maker

    Not everybody's making VNs that have adult content in them. I'm for instance making one that's effectively PG-13 due to some violence and language.
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    Grabbing the screen without Bitmap.snap?

    I'm willing to do things like just read straight from the video card buffer [thus making the game desktop only] if that's what it takes. As aforementioned in my post, a shader would probably do what I'm asking for here a lot faster - but I don't know how to implement a shader that would...
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    Grabbing the screen without Bitmap.snap?

    Working on a game that I'd like to do a 'screen ghosting' effect/glitch, where I take a snap of the present scene (aka 'taking a screenshot'), lower the snap's alpha, and place it at a random small amount of offset for a short period of time before I destroy it.  Unfortunately, Bitmap.snap is...
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    Random Art Thread

    Decided to revisit the Heralds, this time drawing them without their intimidating insect-themed helmet.  I think it came out alright.
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    Random Art Thread

    Painted a race portrait for Star Ruler 2's expansion the other day.  I think they came out nicely. Also a timelapse of me putting the final touches on their art:
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    DiM: Afterhours

    Made a Tumblr to keep stuff up to date and not flood this topic with little art and so on updates.  Check it out if you like: Meanwhile, worked on some concept art for Mjnlh (a character who'll appear later in the game) and formally structured the game's plot.  ...
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    Terrax Lighting system

    @Terrax Any way to make this function in combat as well?
  9. Firgof

    Jackkel's Persistent Switches

    @Jackkel Dragon Will you update the OP to include formatting with your JS files?  If copy-pasted from the OP the code is one long uninterrupted line and I'm having a lot of trouble re-formatting it.  Couldn't you just attach the JS file to your post instead of putting them in spoiler-tag'd code...
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    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    this.wait(frames) does in fact work.  I've made a note of it in the official spreadsheet for the script call. Note to others who might stumble on this topic also looking to pan a sound:  I'm using very short sounds which I've modified to the exact length in frames * 60 seconds I expect each...
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    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    Pan goes from -100 to 100 in RMMV's event editor, I want it to play a sound once for every increment of 5 between -100 and 100, to create a sweep.  Playing it once won't be enough and I don't want to put down 80 'play sound' and 'wait' commands. Hm?  But that's not at all what I'm trying to...
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    $gameInterpreter.wait() doesn't work?

    I've been referencing the 'script equivalent of command calls' list a lot lately ( link ) but the listing for the Wait command doesn't work. I can't locate $gameInterpreter in my console, firstly.  I was able to find it being created (or at least where I think it's created, I'm an amateur...
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    Random Art Thread

    Hot off the presses, the concept art for the alternate faceset for the protagonist of DiM: Afterhours.
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    PIXI V2 to PIXI V3

    Me either.  Having proper screen effects would improve a lot of my art significantly.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    They're permanent (though there is another set which looks and behaves differently: ).  The base set has two indicators.  One shows if you're in a room where there's a save point, hints on how to progress, or when there's an item you can obtain.  The other...

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