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    Hi, I have a question about licensing the RTP. I'm a solo indie developer making an RPG using my own custom-built game engine. I really love the look of the RPG Maker MV assets and so I would absolutely love to use them (mainly images and possibly SFX). How would I go about purchasing a license...

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Been sick with a stomach virus for seven days now. Not going to work tomorrow because I'm still contagious according to my doctor.
Much as I love my job, I really hate playing "office politics". It would be nice if I didn't have to pretend to be someone else all day long.
I wanna get back into showing off Battlers and other assets I create again. But i'm always haunted by the "It's not good/realistic enough" voices that keep me from doing so.

Maybe I should get back to it, I did enjoy showing off whatever I came up with!
Big Google Warning Today for chrome users - apparently some kind of security threat has happened and everyone is being advised to update their Chrome browser ASAP by going to settings and/or "About Google Chrome", to update their browser version to a new one just released.

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