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  1. RMMZ Alpha NET Z. Multiplayer plugin [Update 0.8 + ABS]

    Hey if i upload my game with your plugin on a wesite with a html 5 project, does it work ?
  2. Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Hi ! First if you see 2 post by me just ignore the first, idk why he has just disapear. I'm a poor french so i'm sorry for my bad language. Okay then, i have 2 probleme ; I cant modifiy this menu by the plugin. Next, i try to find a animated sv battler plugin with compatibility with the tactic...
  3. Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Hello there, first I'm a poor french with a bad english, so forgive me for all my false worlds. Okay then, i try to find a compatibility plugin for animated sv enemis, i tried a lot of them, but i dont find it. Next the plugin ( and only this plugin ) tactic system doesnt let me save ingame. Thx...
  4. data for the extended generator

    Hi ! First I'm french, so i'm sorry for my english, then we go ; If someoen have the data.dat for Schlangan's MV Extended Generator with the PVgames DLC ? Adding one by one all of that ressources is a little bit longer XD Their a screen with all of PVgames work i have. EDIT ; i used the...
  5. Yanfly Items synthesis problem

    Hi ! Thank you so much ofr all your help, i dont know my plugin can be outdated :LZSteary: i will update them faster ! Sorry for waste your time with this simple probleme :kaoluv: Have a good day <3<3<3 you have save my project ! EDIT : It work perectly ! but the plugin dont want let me craft...
  6. Yanfly Items synthesis problem

    Okay morning ! Yep "GD12 abimé" hase actually the notetag that why i dont understand it doesn't work. Here a cleaned project were you can see all my parameters It will be more easy i think. Hum i will try to be more simple here : WIth the G12 and "GD12 abimé" with the notetag the craft work...
  7. Yanfly Items synthesis problem

    Tomorow i will creat a game with all my parameter and them i will send you, i think it's better. next i send you all my plugins used :-/ i dont think their a imcompatibility probleme because i tried with a notetag <Not Independent Item > on the Craft ( G12 ) and the craft work, actually the game...
  8. Yanfly Items synthesis problem

    Hello there ! Obi-wan Kenobi. I have tried to change the name by the id and it doesn't work too, it is very strange because i tried a lot of things with differents projects. Here some of screen of my project. All my thanks about your help.
  9. Yanfly Items synthesis problem

    Hello, in first sorry for that bad language I'm french. Now let's speak about this; I'm actually using Item synthesis and Item core and attachement augment, Hte first probleme is when i use a item name like this <Synthesis Ingredients> GD12 abimé item 11: 5 </Synthesis Ingredients> The systeme...
  10. characters creator does not read 2 Dlcs

    Hey ! yeah i know and i read, i change the name and it dos not work, but i try to change the picture into the freebies folder who work, and i work ahaha, i check all the name, all is good, it's maybe my computer or a little bug, thank you for your help, i can send you some screen but i think you...
  11. characters creator does not read 2 Dlcs

    I'm not very intelligent I understand wath you say, but not wath you want to say, I place nothing in my project, i do this for all my dlc and it work but not for interior and warface
  12. characters creator does not read 2 Dlcs

    Dlcs ares medieval interior dlc and medieval warface dlc, this is for character files
  13. characters creator does not read 2 Dlcs

    Hi, in first I'm french and a bad speaker in english, so sorry for my misstake, i need some help with your rpg makerMV characters creator, I love theml but, it cant read medieval interior dlc and medieval warface dlc, i try all, change name ofr interior_donjon, directly chnage the acces in the...

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