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  • the heck do you even create grahpics? Just a grass tile is will I make the rest of nature tiles (like water, trees, cliffs) can anybody give me tips or tutorials...

    The disadvantages of being a indie game developer, and your developing it yourself...
    I think I just pressed the report button, while reading status updates..sory if I did  :p :p . I'm gonna get in trouble when I really did press it..
    I can't even go to the internet without hearing about Pokémon Go. I'm jealous  :p  (I hate my phone its jellybean)
    Alexander Amnell
    Alexander Amnell
       And I can't go a waking hour without hearing my kids talk about getting it, but I just don't know about an app that encourages them to wander around exploring the world around them when everything today is so hostile.
    uh I tried it and I don't understand what's all the hype about, sure it's an interesting idea but can be dangerous too (especially in cities and for kids). Also apparently there's a Charmender in the church in front of my house, am I supposed to enter there and keep playing with my smartphone to catch it? Hell no.
    @Dalph™ I agree it's dangerous, but you gotta admit its pretty cool. The pokémons also spawn in really weird places, my friend came to me saying there was a squirtle in his toilet and he said he almost peed on it  :p
    I have so much bad luck. Downloaded something, can't even login to it, after a few tries it says there's a new update...When will this end?
    Why do I always find my maps too cramped, when I make them bigger it feels more space-y. Espicially with dungeons  :headshake:
    When you are trying to install a game...and it failed ;_; ;_;
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    Shiroi Akuma
    Shiroi Akuma
    I generally do something like this then:

    this is the reason people still game on consoles.

    Computers can be the biggest pain (and only do it when you really, really do not want it to).
    Espicially if your downloading 2.9 GB, and you live where the wifi is the slowest on the earth.
    I can't believe that mapping a SF Map is harder than medieval ones...
    Dude you have no idea, I find its because of the lack of good tilesets
    I miht need a SF Mapper, I just can't map it, it has too much details, in a medieval road you just place he road, in SF you need to add details and stuff
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I'm back to the bugs.
100 bugs in my coding,
take one down,
fix it up,
132 bugs in my coding.
On the plus side, if all this rioting sparks another Covid outbreak... I will have a whole lot of time to work on my game. Not exactly how I wanted to get that time, but hey I'm a glass is half full... of RM kind of guy. :LZSwink:
A video once in a while won't hurt.
Have a craving for a Nesquik milkshake. No idea why. Haven't had one since I was a kid. lol. I remember them kinda tasting nice, but also leaving a lot of nasty powder at the bottom of the cup.

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