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    FREE Tales of Eden Looking For Teammates

    Also we as a team will be able to work on the story together as we develop the game, so know for sure that the story isn't set in stone.
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    FREE Tales of Eden Looking For Teammates

    Warning: Some scenes may contain sexual themes and use of tobacco/alcohol Engine: RMMZ Synopsis: Eden, a hidden land filled with tranquility, once inhabited by the Gods of Eluria, Eden was a place filled with paradise however, Eden was left, sealed and hidden by the gods before they left...
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    SERVICE I wanna make music for your game

    I am making a JRPG and am in need of a music composer, development has just begun, I've done the intro and such by myself but need a full team I do intend to sell the game and i will be of course splitting the profits with everyone and providing a free copy of the game to those who worked on it...
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    Tonbi's MZ material factory

    Amazing Job!!!

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