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  1. You could give them a story-related reason for all having names that start with an s if it...

    You could give them a story-related reason for all having names that start with an s if it bothers you.
  2. The Tale of a Common Man [Now on STEAM]

         I really enjoyed Undefeated so I was one of the people who picked this game up the day you released it, and I really enjoyed it.   Things happened though and I had to take a break from playing it.   So recently I decided to pick it back up and start playing through it again.   I decided...
  3. Sega Genesis Games: What do you recommend?

    I can't believe no one mentioned Altered Beast.   Sure it was cheesy even at the time, but that was a fun little side-scroller.   Definitely worth picking up and playing through.  Especially if you have someone to play it with you.  It's fun and funny, even though it doesn't intend to be the...
  4. Release a Game in 2015 Challenge

    I don't know if I'll release a game in 2015, but I'm planning to have at least a reasonably long beta done before 2015 is over.   That's my goal.
  5. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
  6. Your Game, Your Name and Your Online Presence

    Speaking as a professional(-ish) developer, your real name being out there and attached to something you develop isn't only going to happen, but it's important.   It's important for your online presence that people know who you are.   If you want to be taken seriously and to have people find...
  7. All Dyed Crimson - Intro Demo and Video Uploaded

    Added a new video to the topic.   Obviously I have not made huge strides forward, but there has been work done and I wanted to show that.
  8. The Magi Chronicles [Back to ACE!]

    Downloading the demo now.   Awesome to see a new one.   I'll be starting from the beginning again as well. Figured I would just edit this and add my bugs to it as I find them. Right away I went ahead and checked the cabinet in the first village.   It goes further than it did before, but it...
  9. Green Man Gaming Visit!

    I really like Green Man Gaming, but I don't see them outperforming Steam.   Steam is a little slow on getting to what people want, but it's huge, changing something like Steam takes a lot of time.  Valve is a community even with as big of a company as it is, it listens to its employees and its...
  10. What are YOU gonna be for Halloween?

    I'll be the person sitting at home and eating candy passing out candy to all the trick or treaters.
  11. I must take my leave for now.

    Take care of yourself and rest as much as you need so that you can come back as soon as possible, but make sure that you are healthy first. Hope you get better soon.
  12. The Tale of a Common Man [Now on STEAM]

    Picked up the game immediately after I saw the tweet about it.    Played it for a few hours and I'm really enjoying it so far.    Congratulations on finishing another great game. 
  13. Merlin was far more wizard than Dumbledore and Gandalf.

    Merlin was far more wizard than Dumbledore and Gandalf.
  14. October Goals & Progress Thread

    So I'm not doing as well on my initial goals as I'd hoped, but I am meeting with the UI artist for my Android App tomorrow so hopefully that will move forward a lot more then. Everything else has been somewhat derailed by teachers making us pay for getting a couple days off for Fall Break, so...
  15. Game Length input

    Well, given that you're making a game from it you're already going to be able to cut out most of the descriptions from the book.   That will usually decrease the size from one to the other quite a bit.   Since your descriptions will be visual rather than text.   As for the dialogue if you're...

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