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  1. Character Sprites for MV

    examples and tips here:  another useful link:  Both have info on shading, lighting, and contrast. Link 1...
  2. Character Sprites for MV

    That depends. Do you want it to look decent?  If so, practice makes perfect. If not, use gradients or pillow shading.

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Bengawan Solo with fantasy style arrangement. :D
So I just got my computer back (Was posting stuff on my phone) But now my dang monitor's broken! I'll need to get a new one, which means... JOBS! Yaaay... When I get a new monitor, I'll post picture of one of my RPGMMV projects.
Wish me luck... :kaodes:
Had to clean up disk space because Windows Updates was having my primaries' disk space for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I guess the clean up thingy doesn't work or something because there were 15gigs of old update files in it.
Monday morning, and the sudden message: Hey, can you set up a full second lesson about pixel art till tomorrow?

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