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    Efficient way to have 2+ characters on the map, talking and acting simultaneously?

    You would need to create events for your party members. I believe Gather Followers just make them go into your body, but you can test out what it does on a test map.
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    Efficient way to have 2+ characters on the map, talking and acting simultaneously?

    I believe a parallel event would work well. Set a movement route for each event and uncheck the wait for completion. You will probably need a wait event after the related movement events, though. (I mean after all of them)
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    Only one character following the player?

    Does the game you're making have a party system/needs everyone in the party?
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    Help with something so simple

    The easiest way to pull off what you want would be to make a switch and turn it off for each one. You could also have a switch for "sleep" or wake" that'll activate the last page of the events you want affected. In those pages, you could have it set to autorun (or parallel) and disable the self...
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    Help with something so simple

    You could start off with a condition branch. If hours = 0, self switch off for instance. You could also make a shower switch and switch it off when going to bed. You could set a parallel that checks for if your status is one of the ones that'll change the speed. I believe you can have states...
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    You could highlight or overlay the creature when highlighted.

    You could highlight or overlay the creature when highlighted.
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    Party Chit Chat Idea

    You could have the variable check for the max amount of instances. So, let's say you have 4 variations. Instead of having a variable for 1~4, you would have one for 1~16. (Edit: You can also use items. So give players hidden items at the start and take away one with each occurrence. If you're...
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    Where do you start in your creative process?

    I will say that my game takes place in a world I've been creating since I was young, so it's likely I've skipped over some steps. Often I'll think of a simple story or what I want to do or express before working on the map. World building is also very helpful as others have mentioned. It'll help...
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    Where do you start in your creative process?

    Anyone can start wherever they find the most beneficial or comfortable. I usually start with a map since it can give me ideas on what characters can do or the space they exist in, though I will add things in after the fact if I find I need something else for the story. I usually do art assets...
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    Where do you start in your creative process?

    Perhaps change the title to "Where do you start in your creative process?" or something related to the post? It's possible for people (who may have something to say on the topic) to overlook it as it is now. I usually start with what I enjoy or what I feel is necessary. I don't really like...
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    Check playtime

    I believe it would be 300 for 3 minutes, but I would recommend testing it out on a test map and figuring it out that way. F9 will bring up variables and switches. This way, you can compare how much is added relating to the time.
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    Check playtime

    First you will need to set up a variable. It doesn't matter what you name it, but set it to Game Data and select "Other: Playtime." Next, you run a condition branch. Set the variable to the amount you would like to check for.
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    Why RPG Maker?

    I actually didn't know about RPG Maker until Ace. I don't really remember where I heard about it or how I stumbled upon it. It just kinda happened. I've always been favorable towards doll makers, which is similar to the generator. It helps me when designing a character and it's just fun to...
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    $1 only for $5! Get it before it runs out! :kaopride:

    $1 only for $5! Get it before it runs out! :kaopride:
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    Why RPG Maker?

    Part of the appeal was definitely that it came with a character generator and tiles I could use to get started. At that time, I was writing stories and stuff. I roleplayed a lot back then and had quite a few original characters and stories/worlds for them to belong to. It was so overwhelming...

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