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    Actor Battle Commands

    Not by default, you'd need to edit: Game_Actor.prototype.setupBattleCommands and Window_ActorCommand.prototype.makeCommandList (though aliasing the latter would greatly simplify the process).
  2. Fomar0153

    Passive Skills

    Did you change the plugin name? Any other plugins? If you actually want help you need to say more than error.
  3. Fomar0153

    AP System

    It's something like: $;
  4. Fomar0153

    Passive Skills

    I can't see it in the screenshot but I assume you have set the passive skills to the correct skill type? If so, do you get this bug in a blank project with no other plugins while using version 1.4?
  5. Fomar0153

    Passive Skills

    Xelion beat me to it, but (this._level + this.luk + this.agi) / 4 Update your plugin, this was fixed a while ago. Use the original name of the plugin: Fomar0153_PassiveSkills.js
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    Passive Skills

    So you have 1.3 at a guess? Try updating the plugin.
  7. Fomar0153

    Follow Up Skills

    Try disabling VS Battle Core and see if it works, then you'll know.
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    RMMZ Casting Bars

    All this plugin does is add a visual element to an existing feature. I haven't really used the Time Progress Battle System, increasing agility will reduce casting time but it'll also reduce the time between actions.
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    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    Not with this plugin no. The easiest way to achieve what you want would be a tiny plugin that allows you remove a skill when learning another. You could try plugin requests. Yes.
  10. Fomar0153

    Passive Skills

    Are you using the most up to date version of this plugin? I thought I dealt with that already. this._level + this.luk + this.agi / 4
  11. Fomar0153

    Learn Skill from Equipment

    Sorry it's not a feature I intend to add.
  12. Fomar0153

    Follow Up Skills

    Done, I've updated the plugin, I had intended this to be the default behaviour, I guess I simply forgot to double check this. Sorry out of scope for this plugin.
  13. Fomar0153

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    Then turn off: Show All Unlearnt Skills in the plugin settings and then it won't display them until all their requirements have been met.
  14. Fomar0153

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    This is a feature of the plugin already:
  15. Fomar0153

    Skill Buy System (Skill Trees possible)

    Err it's a bit clunky but if you literally copy and pasted Window_SkillType, Scene_Skill and rename them both you could probably get the job done. Then just make all my code also refer to the new versions, except for the following: Fomar.SkillBuy.Window_SkillType_makeCommandList =...

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