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  1. RMVXA SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    I might have overreacted too and I am sorry for that.... But you should take what Wavelength said and use that. I just very much dislike it when people give up on the first sign of hardship, especially if they are most likely good enough to do better. But do understand that people will be...
  2. RMVXA SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    So you just give up because you aren't hailed as the next great creator? Seriously at least take the criticism and do something with it. Whatever I knew I was waisting my time... my mistake for trying I guess.
  3. RMVXA SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    I have only watched parts of the whole video you gave us there.... and that was enough to no sell it. I don't care about positivity.... if you can't take criticism dont make a game and put it out online and ask for feedback... i mean... i mean... whatever i am wasting my time so the little bit...
  4. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    Meh that is just me overleveling..... but I was level 40 as I entered the ruins at first.... gotta love the training in the water temple lol Got me enough gold to increase my matk stat on Caleb by about 600.... made grinding very easy if you can oneshot most things and two shot the others...
  5. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    Knock Yourself out =P I trained to level 62 in those ruins lol the Endboss was a walk in the park with those levels and my overgrinded mage =P
  6. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    I assume you are talking about these ruins: Do give good feedback to Okralord... he deserves it for finishing the game as bad as some parts are right now xD Edit: Only the lower two parts are "landable".
  7. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    I personally liked the music.... I am done btw. The story doesnt get much better, much is unexplained and plain doesnt make sense he just included it for whatever. (I thought all of that was a dream... but the end shows the forest they entered from destroyed so whatever they did had effects...
  8. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    Oh well I am done with the water temple... the "riddles" if I were to call them that were simple guessing games... kinda disappointing. Or button smashing. Anyways I am now 9 hours and 2 minutes in (lv 23 all of 'em) and I challenge the water temple boss level 22 which probably means I was...
  9. RMMV Threshold of a Dream

    Alright I played for a good 5h and 23minutes now, but I am royally stuck at the swamp temple... in the Swamp Shrine: Basement 2 to be precise. I dont get the riddle. The pictures are all the same on the stone statues and randomly pressing buttons for the last hour didnt get me very far... Could...
  10. RMMV Eat the King! - An Undead Strategy RPG

    This was glorious. The ending though... you even -_- ... alright I wont spoil anything for others... still awesome animations for four days work. Overall even though I have a dislike for tactical battles I quite liked this... but i sadly ran into the kill the last boss without a fight bug (they...
  11. Project "Fire"

    Yeah the problem with that is i saved after i defeated the guards..... so I am kinda stuck with having to try to get the number.... :dizzy: But thanks for the help guess i have to restart :/ At least i now know what to do..... Edit(nvm I actually got it by randomly clicking just now thanks to...
  12. Project "Fire"

    Well thanks for adressing those points, but you completly missed the one i actually needed help with: The puzzle for the save to get the wind chart (at least i assume the wind chart is in the save) This one: The ships were sailing in the sea (i cant count the number of ships in the picture),The...
  13. Project "Fire"

    Well than I downloaded this game on steam and played it till I got stuck which I am now. I played for a good 2 and a half hours though grinding and other.... hiccups are included. So I am going to give you a mini feedback and a cry for help =P To the good things first: First of all there is a...
  14. RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    @Hopeless Dreamer You can get stuck if you deliver the red flower from the left side, because the man simply spawns beside you making you unable to move. Oh i didn't know you intended to only have 2 contracts for each... i thought alice power was to have access to every contract (which I...
  15. RMMV Titans of Illumia (15+hrs Non-Linear RPG)

    Well I went trough the prolog and i noticed several things: Elfenheim unlimited sleep tomes where you can borrow them. (please leave it.... would be a nice shortcut to grinding money... which would be very nice... xD sadly I feel obligated to tell you that) Guy in the smithy says you find good...

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