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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Back with another screenshot--this time a room in an inn. Don't you love when there's a tree in the middle of your room?
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    Trying Mapping Need Help

    Mapping is also not a bit my favorite part and I often find myself wanting to work on minigames or cool menus or stuff like that instead when I am mapping. There are a couple of things that helped me (now my game has around 120 fully parallaxed maps, so I've spend a good few hundred hours...
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    What is your favorite Jrpg cutscene and why?

    @Kage It's in the PSX version! :) Much more fleshed out character interactions in general.
  4. fop

    What is your favorite Jrpg cutscene and why?

    I'm gonna do a few because I can't choose just one. Also, um, Spoilers. The cutscene that plays in Tales of Xillia when you beat Alvin is forever just SUCH a good cutscene to me! It's super emotional; you really get to see the characters grieving over a character they think is dead. Also the...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    @thepsyche Gosh, I can't wait for this game! Everything you post here gets me so hyped! Looks great. You're so good at lighting!
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    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    My favorite is hands-down FFVII. Just on the fun factor that game is so elite to me. Runner up is Tales of Phantasia. Love the skits, love the characters, fun (if somewhat janky) battle system.
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    All time favorite character from any retro RPG?

    Cloud from FF7, all time favorite. :LZSexcite: Runner ups include Arche from Tales of Phantasia, Jun from Persona 2, and Bart from Xenogears.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    @DJ990J Thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually going to take the town more Chinese-inspired (NPCs in hanfu, xianxia-style weapons and monsters etc), so the Japanese names wouldn't work. I like something like 'water blossom town,' though! I think I'll call it Lakeblossom. :LZSjoy:
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    What makes a good side Quest? Give us examples

    I LOVE sidequests. Just love them!!! I think some of my least favorite sidequests are the hunting quests in FFXV, because there's little to no story involved in each and i remember it being pretty hard to find the hunts. On the other hand, the quite similar hunting quests in FFXII were really...
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    In what order do you develop your games' story?

    For me it was: Cool character idea. -> "What kind of world would this dude live in?" -> Villain concept. -> End of game. -> "Oh wait, there should be other party members, shouldn't there?" -> Random middle bits of the game + party members backstories/joining team/etc. -> Beginning of game. ->...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Here's some shots of a still-unfinished town. It's the town right before a water-elemental temple dungeon. Any ideas on town names?
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    Do you keep to default dimensions?

    I almost wish I was the type of person to stick to default sizes--it would be so much easier! But, no. I'm using 32x32 tilesets in MV with the help of plugins, taller sprites and bigger battlers (all of which I had to make), weird sized text boxes and faces, smaller widescreen screen size... I...
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    RMMV Camping System

    Very cool! I like the non-consumable tent. It might be nice to have the camp map change depending on where the player uses the tent (forested, plains, mountain, etc.).
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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    @Beewo I think the cluttering of your plants looks very organic and natural! I love it. @thepsyche Gorgeous map! Love seeing the behind the scenes.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    Some more shots of the flowery mansion I posted before! Now I just need to make the NPC sprites for this area. Lighting/shadows are definitely NOT my strong suit, so just assume that the current lighting in the screenshots is placeholder until I can learn to do better.

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