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    Yanfly quest journal issue

    It's a Bug hands down. Yanfly's script omit's a value when show type is false, but in java script that is the same as providing a "false" value (called undefined). that next function will take any "false" value and turn it into a empty name (it usually looks like "" , think of it as a empty text...
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    BetterAudio plugin (lag-reducing and major improvements)

    mainly this plugin doesn't stream audio in any capacity. this plugin scans your data files whenever a map is loaded, mostly maps and events for any instance of Audio being played and preloads those files so that they will be played immediately. it still decodes the entire file into memory...
  3. Fornoreason1000

    BetterAudio plugin (lag-reducing and major improvements)

    Nice! I originally made my plugin so others would start making better plugins for Audio. on Slow PCs and pretty much all mobiles that Lag was horrendous and MV deletes and reloads Audio everytime you Stop and start it!. then i found out HTML5 Audio is tied to the frame rate and MV drops frames...
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    Trajectory Mini Game Help Needed

    Exactly like that? that one would probably need a plugin of sorts. the gagues aren't part of MV or anything. Take note how the characters are orientated here. they're basically side view characters. in RPGmakerMV the characters on "Maps" are orientated in "top-Down". this more or less makes...
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    Trajectory Mini Game Help Needed

    you want to make an artillery style mini-game? the answer to your question is very subjective, RPGmaker MV doesn't have any of that kind of logic or programming. it really depends on how far you want to go with this, without a plugin of sorts you could make an event where you set numbers...
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    Keeping Plugins Organized

    -------------.js make a empty file with that name in the plugins folder and you've go it yourself a divider in that list. you can add that as many time as you want to the plugin list. aside form that Im not 100% sure what you mean. pictures paints a 1000 words as they say.
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    Multithreading with Web Workers

    as stated, its hard to make use of the Web Workers in MV. MV's main problem I've noticed with performance is the creation of hundreds to thousands of objects in one frame(a 40x40 map will take around 100ms to create after loading, a 60Fps frame is only 16.6ms) which it uses PIXI.js to do. the...
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    Yanfly's Btl. Eng. Cor.: how to move shadows with battler

    the Anchor notetag isn't designed to move the sprite itself, but the format on how its displayed from Yanfly's plugin the anchor is used for say a flying enemy that will have the shadow well below it or an enemy with multiple parts or just a format that requires the sprite to be off centre.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    i think you mean this for changing scenes SceneManager.push(Scene_Status); now to make it select an actor you need to set a property in $gameParty via this function note that unlike most fucntions, this one takes an Game_Actor as a parameter instead of just an ID. /** * @method setMenuActor *...
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    Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined

    okay based on that error, it sounds you've got a spelling mistake somewhere in the plugins settings. or your trying something that doesn't exsist. can you provide a screenshot of the plugin settings and the plugin load order. also can you tell me what ESC menu is? 'bind' is a special function...
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    [Game performance/plugin] What ways can make FPS increase ?

    even on Desktop / Web , 4000 Objects is extreme, you want to use some kinda of Frustum culling, as Poryg said. in my experience Crosswalk has many many problems when it comes to ES6 in some cases ES5, this means Web Workers will not be coming to MV for Android anytime soon. heck i had a lot of...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Fair enough, that makes sense. your code has one problems on why it will not work. the existent element rate is being squared e.g ( 64 x 64 = 4096 times normal damage!). Elemental damage calculation already happens behind the scenes. they use something similar to user.Elemental(4) and multiply...
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    Help disabling step-in at the start of battles for MV

    okay i believe this is what does it Sprite_Actor.prototype.moveToStartPosition = function() { this.startMove(300, 0, 0); }; this is called immediately when the sprite is created, start Move is a function tha will progressively move the sprite to the define position, however, this actually...
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    Save map in a variable

    JS Plugin Request is where I'd go. Post there, and if you want add a link to here. also tell them you are generating a map in game and link them to the plugin you are using.
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    Save map in a variable

    No, because you are generating a map, the MapID is useless. The MapID is only used to find and load the map data itself. its basically a reference that comes from the editor. since the map data is a HUGE array of numbers saving it to a variable is not practical. You want the actual map data...

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