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  • That moment you realise it took you three days to just add four regular enemies to the database.

    Times were easier without all that extra stuff like advanced AI, animated battlers, unique skills/animations/states, steal drops, monster cards, turn order icons, bestiary illustration...
    Trying to translate my conjugation joke into English. It is hard to find something as complicated as there is in French.
    Updated some of my very old maps that were left untouched since they were used just for a quick cutscene.


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    Currently wondering how I should name my temples in English, as it turns out 'Earth Temple' is quite common and natural to say, but 'Darkness Temple' isn't. Same problem for related gods' names.
    Temple of darkness?
    They are actual places of worship.
    Ok, I may keep just 'Darkness Temple', then. I guess English corpus are just heavily filled with references to the Zelda's dungeons (Earth/Wind/Water/Fire Temple, but the Temple/Palace of Darkness)

    Is 'Darkness Goddess' also acceptable following the same reasoning?
    I mean, they're both slightly awkward, but I don't think they're grammatically incorrect. It's awkward in a "a native speaker might use this too" sort of way, so don't worry about it. (I'm a native speaker, FYI)
    Currently wondering if my 'character looks at a mirror' text should be "[characterName] stares at the mirror" or "[characterName] gazes into the mirror".
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Decided to splurge and commissioned a friend to draw the main character of my game jam project. Worth it! I never could've gotten the game and the art done XD New avatar by ClockworkCrane!
One of my biggest pet peeves? Action Button events not being interactable unless they are same as character.

Like... for why?
The X-Mas and ~ all ~ December long Calendar Project seems to bring my machine right to the limit. A very good oportunity to test what my pc can do. Or at which point I should decide to take a step back from filling the rendering program with assets.
The new grafics card and ram do their job well, that's for sure. My own early Christmas gifts were a good investment.
my laptop keyboard gave up, they keep glitching out, it seems like it's time to finally replace them, honestly surprised it lasted this long.
Tiny setback. Turns out my Title Screen image and one of my primary background & avatar images are AI Generated. Glad I went back and checked all my resource links. So I am in hot pursuit of replacement images. Which is fine since I was still missing some images that I need anyway.

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