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  • Hello everyone :) I'm gonna be streaming in English in ~ 15 min, on Twitch.

    On the menu: I will continue my let's play of Verloren, a RMMV game made by a fellow French maker named Fortunastreet.
    Hi all :D
    ... not posting here that much, but today I'll make an exception as I will be testing the international version of a friend's game called "Verloren", live on Twitch in about 20 minutes...

    (hope this is not considered spam ^^')
    Your embed failed for some reason.
    Finally getting a grip on the battle system for my first game... This has been way more time consuming than expected, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Been unlocking some old rusty creative skills since I got RPG maker!
    Learned back drawing and image editing again after years, began refreshing some old javascript knowledge, and it feels great :D

    ... Still missing the slightest sense of rhythm though, so creating musics won't be on the menu for now.
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Knocked through three more rough draft sprites. (A frog beast thing, a skeleton, and vampire bat) down to seven sprites and a thing more appropriately done as tiles.
Cutscenes remaining are officially in the single digits! Woohoo!
More Castles.gif
I guess we can have one more, as a treat.
I already had teeth that looked like fangs (on the sides) and how I chipped a tooth to make that one look sharp too xD

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