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  • Hello everyone :) I'm gonna be streaming in English in ~ 15 min, on Twitch.

    On the menu: I will continue my let's play of Verloren, a RMMV game made by a fellow French maker named Fortunastreet.
    Hi all :D
    ... not posting here that much, but today I'll make an exception as I will be testing the international version of a friend's game called "Verloren", live on Twitch in about 20 minutes...

    (hope this is not considered spam ^^')
    Your embed failed for some reason.
    Finally getting a grip on the battle system for my first game... This has been way more time consuming than expected, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Been unlocking some old rusty creative skills since I got RPG maker!
    Learned back drawing and image editing again after years, began refreshing some old javascript knowledge, and it feels great :D

    ... Still missing the slightest sense of rhythm though, so creating musics won't be on the menu for now.
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Can't believe it's been a year since I woke up with 70% of my sight gone. Feels like I just started grieving and adjusting. I'm happy I can still do many things, but at times also frustrated at all the things I have to do different now
One day until Avery's calendar.... :kaojoy:
If I didn't miss one, we will have four amazing resource calendars this year: @Guardinthena 's, @GalacticGod 's, the one on the German forum and mine. Make sure you don't miss the goodies! ;D
Nearly forgot to Upgrade RMMZ to the newest Steam Beta Version before starting a new Project. I would have had to search again on how to Update the Game Folder manualy.
Problem avoided :)
*practicing Yomato Man's theme on my guitar*

Sweety: "Aw are you going to serenade me?" <3 <3

See this is how I know I've found my soul mate XD

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