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    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon 2

    Another great game! Congratulation! I love your style! p.s. but warning about the palette.
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Hi guys Indiexpo website staff improved the indiepad feature and.... NOW YOU CAN PLAY INTO THE WILD ALSO ON MOBILE! It's a very nice feature. I didn't add any plugin or script. Just selected "indiepad feature" uploading the game on the website! Probably you can make the same also with the...
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    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    but don't make it too hard or too complex ^^"
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    RMMV Endless Combat Dungeon

    I played your game few time ago! You are improving it day by day! Congratulation! It's also the first MV game that works perfectly on mobile. No weird bugs or issues! It's perfect! I like also the style used and the retrogaming design! please, continue it! :)
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    Tomoaky's Jump Action (only on specific maps)

    Unfortunately it is impossible to create a script which in general allows you to disable and enable plugins at will during the flow of a game.
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    RMMV Star Catcher - Demo

    Good updates! Are they also on the online version?
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    How to link discord account?

    Try the Yanfly's Plugin about the externa link. I used it. it works good.
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    How to link discord account?

    check this one:
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    How to make a demo

    Take your full game. Cut it in 5 parts. Take the first 2 parts. The demo is ready.
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    Only rpg maker projects?

    I know that probably it is a stupid question (because we are on the official rpg maker forum)... but can I post in Projects Area only games made using rpg maker? No with unity, construct2 or other engines...?
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    you can find (and edit Game.rpgproject) Thanks!
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    why are you looking for a game.exe file...? there is Game.rpgproject to edit it. it is the source code. If you want to play it, you can play the online version.
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    what are the issues?
  14. Freank

    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Over 1,000 Players! Thanks guys!

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