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    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    Wow, thanks a bunch! Hope the game runs alright on your setup. Let me know if you have any issues
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    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    They are all people from my hometown. Most I knew before, but a few answered a call for participants and I met them during the recording/photography session. All 108 people came to the studio and performed their characters, and could even pick a gift card for a local shop, including a few that...
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    Clarevoyance 1.3 - now in English and on Steam!

    Hey gang, over the past four years, I've bent RPG Maker MV into a 5-hour point-and-click adventure game built in collaboration with my Acadian hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia. Over 130 people participated in making the game, including over 100 voiced NPC performances, music for the dynamic...
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    How Did You Start Out in RPG Maker?

    Nice question and thread, thanks for asking! Interesting to read how everyone got their starts. A friend (JR) showed me and some others RPG Maker VX back in the day (late 2009). We spent a few weeks making joke projects, maybe about 6 of us. Then afterwards only JR and I still worked on our...
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    Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle II - "Broken Wings" - Out now!

    Ah okay, thanks for the info. As you said, some of it looks in-engine, but I didn't realize it was entirely pre-rendered. I'll have to look into that!
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    "Don't go here yet." or Extremely Blatant Roadblocks

    Interesting discussion! I definitely agree that some sort of narrative sense for the roadblock makes it easier to accept. Coming back to the original post, I think humour could be leaned on more strongly for roadblocks, if the tone of your game allows for it. One of my favourite moments from...
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    Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle II - "Broken Wings" - Out now!

    Nice, I really liked the intro! Lots of different effects one after the other. The tea cup at the end with the case name was smooth. How did you edit that together, basic picture and video event processing?
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    RMMV Donair Academy

    CLICK HERE TO PLAY ONLINE OR DOWNLOAD Journey through the past, the present, and the future of a celebrated Maritime dish, the Halifax donair. Created by Henry Adam Svec and Chad Comeau, Donair Academy lovingly and nostalgically hearkens back to the RPGs and digital encyclopedias of the 1990s...
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    Orange Screenshot Saver

    Hey Hudell, did you ever get around to making this modification? It would be greatly appreciated!
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    RMMV Granny Games

    Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback, trevers18! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with my grandmas.
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    RMMV Granny Games

    Hey thanks for the feedback! I'll consider your suggestions for sure. Glad you enjoyed the granny simulations :)
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    RMMV Granny Games

    They are indeed my real grandmas! They didn't totally understand what we were doing, but they were excited to be in a video game haha
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    RMMV Granny Games

    Download available here! Synopsis: People memorialize their family members in many ways. Could video games serve as a memento of loved ones? By creating four different games about my grandmothers, I hope to explore this question and discover ways of honouring elders through interactive media...
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    Hey Hudell, I just stumbled upon your plugins - great work! I am interested in your Screenshot...

    Hey Hudell, I just stumbled upon your plugins - great work! I am interested in your Screenshot Saver, and you mentioned that it would be easy to create a download popup for use in projects deployed for web. Any chance you could modify the plugin to prompt an image download of the screenshot...
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    JRibbons, this is indeed an MV game, but the "gimmick" I tried out might not work on Mac, and I don't have one to test with. As mog suggested, maybe downloading and playing in the browser might still work? And thanks for the feedback everyone! Only seeing the replies now.

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