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    Uuuh I cannot find any good RPG to play Gimme some free RPG recommendations plz I need to consume it I'm in a need of excitement caused...
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    So lately I've...uhh...had kinda bad time *wink* because I really didn't manage to do ANYTHING during lockdown and then summer holidays...
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    Jezz that's rough buddy *Hughs* Hope you will get financal support and re-buy everything
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    Thanks, I will check these for sure! I made a sprite in Pixel Studio, its not what I wanted but better than nothing.
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    Hey. Its kinda hard to draw something good in Pixel studio when vxace support only 32x32 sprites. Its just...hard. so,do you know any...
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    So uh I kinda make 16-bit game in Lite version, but since I cant edit fonts, I wonder...would my game look good with all 16-bit graphics...
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    Yeah I know it was just a joke referencing to Ninjabridge's parody series. Sadly nobody got it :<
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    RPG Maker will never understand my pain. The pain caused by not being able to change font and fufilling my dreams. Damn you, RPG Maker...
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    Imma gonna play it, haven't played any new RPG in a long time. Who am I kidding, the only RPG's I played were pokemon, deltarune...
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    Soooo I wanted to make 16-bit game in Lite. I have nearly everything: time, idea, resources... But still there's a problem I want to...

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