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  • My friend just sent a fake picture of article saying that theres a war...bro dont scare me like that
    iefjiwfehuwofe Im so close to beating a hard boss but my team members are all dead and I can only heal one person...Im scared Ill fail ;(
    Oh wow I actually beat it Ereh gets closer to achieving freedom, I get closer to losing it...I never thought Id miss winter holiday that much...I always end up looking forward working because Im so bored when I have too much free time, but now I want summer holidays T_T
    changing famous fast foods' names in my book:
    Dairy Queen - Poultry Prince
    McDonalds - McDanielle
    Burger King - Nugget Queen
    KFC - WBT [Warsaw Boiled Turkey]
    What do you guys think?
    Lol been to asian bar (where you, while moving in a line, put food of your choosing on your plate and then pay for it ,depending how much it weights, for example 100g can cost 1$) and had some teriyaki chicken, noodles, raw salad and spring rolls. It tasted good, even the sweet-sour sauce. I hope I can eat there again lol.
    Just thought about changing main character's nametag's color...after writing a whole page of dialogue...
    Oof. I feel your pain.
    That's how I learned to type everything out in Google Docs XD so I can be as indecisive as I want about these things without suffering the brain numbing trauma of manually correcting things.
    Well, thats a good thing to do lololo
    I need to get hold of myself and write something for a literary competition! I have nearly 5 months to do it! And you can win real sweet tender crunchy money there +-+ If I somehow won it'd be a double success lololo
    Cant wait for Blue Protocol to be released worldwide in English one day! Have been waiting for it since last years april or march...
    Its like 1am where I live but I won't rest unless I finish my one map game! Maybe then I will have a feeling of being at least a bit productive lolo. Although I should reduce the amount of time I spend in front of screen....
    I want to try taking part in One Map Challenge! No battles, no plugins, no additional resources, no database-filling needed...only me, a variety of story-progressing tools and sweet, sweet dialogue! I even have an idea lololo. Finally, I may release something. Its a small step for gaming community but a big leap for a frog.
    Ooo go for it! That challenge helped me finish and release my first game, I hope the same happens for you!
    Thank you, I hope so too! I think my biggest problem is that I always strive for perfection and thats why I cant write books, make games or whatever...because nothings perfect and Im not really experienced lol. But I hope this will help me get on my legs and walk towards bigger production!
    Sweet dialogue I said...the dialogue...its like very sweet like it at first but then it becomes so sweet it feels sour and bitter in your mouth....uuughhh......
    Summer is ending...may God bless you in the upcoming school year!
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    The Stranger
    The Stranger
    God has already blessed us by bringing an end to the intolerable heat. :p
    They need some blessing with a pandemic around...
    Yaaaay the OneShot fangame from Steam is coming out tomorrow!! Time sure flies past when youre an useless member of society!
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Hello, I would try to beta test your game.
Parallel I would write a guide.
I am already planning some games to make in Unite... I hope it gets a solid release date soon!
Remember to do even 0,01% progress on your game today! You can!

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