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    Equip Slot Sealing

    Hi, do you have this for MV? Thx ^.^
  2. Frostorm

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    It's your default example given at the bottom of PHX_LeMod.js: scope: square(e.customSquare()) I always test proof of concept before actually trying real skills lol.
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    Theme Changing

    @stramin Whoa, how did you do that? I only have like 3 choices in themes for the forums, and none of them look like that. The only "dark" choice I see is "Swift Dark":
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    RMMV +Attack Times affecting specific skills

    Hmm, maybe there's something that can check the scope of the skill so you can add a "not" (!) conditional so that AoE skills are excluded.
  5. Frostorm

    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Ok, I tried the line 285 fix, but I get this error when I try to select a skill w/ a custom scope: The skill/custom scope worked fine w/o any errors when I was using the messed-up line 285...weird lol. I've also tried moving this back to its original location at the bottom of PHX_LeMod.js...
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    Theme Changing

    MV, but now that you mention it I wouldn't mind applying the same logic to the forums lol. I'm on the computer like 18hrs a day heh...
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    Theme Changing

    So last night my eyes felt really strained (it was 3am and I turned off all the lights) but then I switched to the Dark theme, and my eyes were thankful for it. But now in the daytime, I actually prefer the default theme. I don't suppose there's a way for it to automatically change between...
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    RMMV +Attack Times affecting specific skills

    You're overcomplicating it. Here's what I edited so that all Physical attacks are affected by Attack Times+: Line 1295 of rpg_object.js Game_Action.prototype.numRepeats = function() { var repeats = this.item().repeats; if (this.isAttack() || this.isPhysical()) { repeats +=...
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    RMMV YEP_X_AutoSave

    I tried forcing the autosave feature via: $gameSystem.setAutosave(true); $gameSystem.setAutosave(false); However, it seems that enables/disables both the autosave on main menu open and autosave on map load features at the same time, even though I have the former turned off and the latter turned...
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    SRPG Engine - [Add Votes for RTP] Plugins for creating Turn Based Strategy game

    Hello, I was wondering if SRPG supports multiple actions per unit. For example, I give units a resource I call "Action Points" (called Movement Points in LTBS), which is normally used for just moving, but I've adapted it to also be used for actions as well. Basically like Baldur's Gate 3 or...
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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Yea, being unemployed is kind of stressful...but hey you got a dog! What breed is he/she btw? :p @Pharonix Anyway, I figured out the custom scopes issue! Turns out, you have to copy-paste the custom scopes from the bottom of PHX_LeMod.js to the bottom of LeTBS.js (it would probably also work if...
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    RMMV YEP_X_AutoSave

    The option would be to simply enable/disable the autosave feature (in case the player doesn't want to use it). To be honest, I'm one of those that would probably turn it off lol. I save-scum quite a bit heh... Hmm, seems like a compatibility patch for Felski's AutoSave plugin w/ Yanfly's...
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    Share Your Favorite RPG Music!

    Oh man, I love Dragonquest cuz it's in Akira Toriyama's art style, aka Dragonball/Z/Super's art style hehe. Btw, is this the theme you were referring to? This was simply the 1st result when I searched YouTube.
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    RMMV YEP_X_AutoSave

    So I'm trying to add Yanfly's AutoSave plugin to the OptionsCore plugin, but it doesn't seem to work. I copy-pasted the instructions that say what to put in each field: --------- Settings: --------- Name: \i[231]Autosave Help Description: Enables \c[4]Autosaving\c[0] for your game if ON. You...
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    What has the largest effect on performance?

    It's probably not the lighting plugin, since I tried it w/ it off and saw no difference. I think it's Chrome as you mentioned (I usually have ~50-100+ tabs open lol). It probably also doesn't help that I sometimes have half a dozen instances of MV open as well... :kaoswt: Guess I should reboot...

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