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    RPG Maker MV Extended Generator - Version Alpha 0.10 - Update on the 7th September 2019

    Awesome program! Not sure if it has been suggested, or even if it is possible, but a good idea is to add a complete color picker or just a box where we can enter our desired hex code. Sometimes the color we want aren't there in the defaults.
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    Battles, gearing, puzzles... anything that is actually playing the game instead of just reading plot.
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    Action (not necessarily a battle) should come as fast as possible, it's a game not a movie.
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    How can I make that the healer class is not required?

    Make other forms of healing/sustaining more effective.
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    Automatic vs. Manual stat increase on level ups

    If you have a lot of characters, then go automatic. If you have few characters (less or equal to a party), go with manual.
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    How do you encourage the player to use all of your party members?

    Balance all the characters so they have (almost) equal power then let the player decide what they want to use. If the player want to use the same four characters through the game, then let him, artificial restrictions to force the player to behave in a certain way feel bad.
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    man it feels good to actually get a project going

    Yeah, finishing them is the hard part
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    I like the basics

    You're just lazy btw. This is so true. Most people that put a lot of effort in custom graphics and music forget that it is a game, disregarding the core aspects like gameplay.
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    Why is RNG so despised?

    It can make the player feel cheated, actually it can be complete BS if used incorrectly. RNG should be used to decide equivalent outcomes or the outcomes should even out in the current scope. Examples: In a battle, the foe has 1000 HP, your attacks deal 100 damage, if you have a 25%...
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    Full Item and Skill Descriptions

    @Berin Too much work man, also I think it works for weapons/armors/items.
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    Can a RPGMaker game be good without custom resources?

    Good? Yes. It will be harder to sell, though. If your goal is to make money, then investing in custom resources is a good idea.
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    Do you give the enemies a finite amount of resources(MP/ammo/AP/etc)?

    It basically just increases complexity as there is another resource to manage... I like it as it allows more diversity in spells and adds more depth to the game. For enemies: just give them a way to restore MP.
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    Check if target is a state affected

    You can break the event if the condition is not met:
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    Pros and cons of a straightforward leveling system

    Standard if you have a lot of different characters to pick and form a party, you don't get individual character customization, but you have party customization. Also having to manage the stats of several characters would be pretty annoying. Go with stats distribution if you have few characters...

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