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  • @mlogan sorry this is the only place i can post, can't reply to other status, so yea i tried 3 browsers and even on my tablet, nothing seems to be working D:
    @Andar Do you have any suggestions? When he tries to use the Submit Reply button anywhere on the forum, it just continually loads and never posts.
    only guesses - and since this is the first time I hear about it, some of the guesses are basic - because I don't know what has been tried before.

    1) cache full or it has a damaged cookie for this site. Clear the cache, either full clear (removes all cookies including to all logins on all internet sites) or manually sorting through the cache (a lot more work and you might miss the file that causes it, but keeps the logins of other websites)

    2) antivirus or parental access control or something like that blocking access to specific websites, and somehow rpgmakerweb got included in the block list (unlikely as that would block complete and not only reply, but possible)
    Admins can help? I can't post messages, when I submit it's written "Saving..." followed by an infinite loading.
    Yeah, no idea. Have you tried using different browsers?
    I can't post messages because when I reply to a topic it produces a infinite loading. Why?
    reload your browser or pc, it might help
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This hero got 99 problems, but an elf ain't one of them. Just enjoying the sunset with Prim.
Some storyboard thingies for an opening cutscene, I started work on it a couple months ago but I didn't get much done.
Is it okay to post links to your game when its completed in the profile posts here? I'm wondering because I've never done it out of concern it may come off as gauche, or may be against some rule or something, but I've seen others do it.
Okay... I went and got examined... apparently I have had 'cardiac events'. But the current problem is a bit of inflammation around my heart, and in airways. So... got some medication and two days off work. Yay. :p

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