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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    Hello, sorry for not posting anything in the last days, I've benn quite busy. @ShadowDragon I just prepared the demo, Is it right if I share a Google link with you via private message? Please let me know and I'll do it asap An many, many thanks
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    Mog Hunter's Boss HP Plugin

    Hi! Sorry for necropostig but... I have the same problem.. ¿Did you ever find a solution?
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    Isn't there a possibility to put in your code the ability to turn the Common event switch on? That could fix the problem, right? OR: Is it possible to launch the language plugin command inside your GameEnd plugin? This could be another solution. Please forgive me if I'm saying silly things, I a...
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    I see, this must be the problem! This is the plugin, if you want to have a look (er.. the pluginS...). Link:
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    Do you mean a link to the localization/change language plugin I use in the game? There it is: I know it isn't the best localization plugin out there, but it is the first I learned to use in my project (I...
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    No, I have no GameEnd plugins. I'll try your ASAP, I'll tell you how is it. Thanks! EDIT: nope, it doesn't work. Or, maybe, I did something wrong. I: - created a common event containing just the plugin command I need, number is 109 - copy-and-pasted your code in a file called GameEnd.js, and...
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    Problem is that I do not exactly know how to "change how GameEnd". I just had to give a plugin command, that's all. Thanks as always, you all already are in my game's credits.
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    I have another plugin that change the language in the game (Samuel Divinium's DynamicLanguage plugin). I just want the game to go back to the original language when quitting and going back to the menu.
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    RMMV Common event triggered by quitting game?

    Hi everybody, what is the easier way to trigger an event by selecting "Quit game" in the Game menu? To make that somethig happens between hitting "Quit game" and going back to the Main menu? I found many solutions, but nothing really easy. Thanks in advice!
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    Mouse disappear in web browser

    Hi everybody, I have a game finished and working, no problem in deploying for Win, but I run in an issue trying to move the game online. The problem is that in browser the mouse pointer simply disappears in game window (NOTE: only in game window, it just appears again when moved out of the game...
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    Best engine for a video-based videogame

    Hi everybody, I already did a couple of games with RPG Maker, so I know it quite well. Now I am thinking about making another game based on videos, with a very simple user interface, something like "Her Story" to give you the idea. I already have a couple of ideas about how to achieve that...
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    Easy WASD and Arrow controls

    Hello everybody. I don't use YEP_ButtonCommonEvents, nor SRD_NameInputUpgrade in my game (but there are TWO moments in which players have to input a name). Can I use this alone (putting WASD option true) to simply add WASD keys for moving players? Mine is an educational game and many...
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    RMMV Known problem, unknown solution

    Thanks for the explanation, still I'd like to know if there is a way to solve the problem. I mean, forgetting something in a complex thing like making a game (in this case, forgetting if a deleted object is used somewhere) seems to me quite easy to do, if not obvious. So: is there a way to know...
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    RMMV Known problem, unknown solution

    Sorry for posting in the wrong place! @Shaz : I'm using RPG Maker MV version 1.6.2, and the same says rpg_core.js (v1.6.2). Also, I checked all the main plugin's versions, especially YanFly's: they are all updated. @ThreeSixNine : yes, both things for sure. Considering (hopefully) finished the...
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    RMMV Known problem, unknown solution

    Hello makers, testing my educational game I encountered the error shown in the image attached: it happens when starting a battle. I searched the forum and I found this "Cannot read proprerty..." error is quite common, so tried the solution I found: I updated the plugins, and the project too...

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