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RyanYe wrote on whtdragon's profile.
Your art works about Wyrvens and Dragons are sooooooooo cooooooooool~! I like them so bad
Can you create more? like Archangels, Devils, Titans, Cyclops!!
My valentine cutscene is now available on and you can get the "source code" as well, feel free to check it out!

The game page on itch can be found at:
A self-aware gamer, playing my game on video, and being honest about his feelings: :kaojoy:

It gets funny, there's heart, and his laptop is on fire as he plays. :kaoswt2:
Just finished making a 50x190 map.

It's not the overworld, just a simple trip from a forest all the way up a mountain.
Now time to map out a metropolis.
I'm trying to add footstep sounds to our project, while my insides feel like they're being torn apart . . . ugh . . . I hate this time of the month! :mad: The only silver lining is that it gave me an idea for an event.

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