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  1. Six Wing Animations (Edit)

  2. States over Scripts

    Probably missed out something obvious again... Let's keep it simple: Apply State X on Actor Y. $;$; Atleast this is what I unstood from the rpg_objects.js...? Without calling the axe dude would someone be so nice and explain to...
  3. Six Wing Animations (Edit)

    Animations :O you know the sparkling stuff in battles? It originally was the Holy-2 Animations wings ^^ Database > Animations
  4. Six Wing Animations (Edit)

    depends if I have an filter fitting for it just PN me.
  5. Six Wing Animations (Edit)

    Original was from the RTP package, to be exact the wings in holy-2. No need to credit me, Free for Comercial and Non-Comercial use.
  6. Access Actor Variables...

    Not sure if I understood what you meant... So you wrote an JavaScript. You created an Event. The event used the "$gameActors.changeLevel(x, false);"? The only thing that I noticed as wrong would be that you need to chose the Actor to. $, false);
  7. Access Actor Variables...

    ^ Thanks, took me quite a bit to notice that the variables arent found in the F1 documentation but inside the scripts... I feel kinda stupid? XD
  8. Access Actor Variables...

    -- Edit: Alright it works now, but there is one more thing: How can I keep updating the function? e.G running it in a routine, I would say to loop it with an while option... But I believe it will just result in it crashing? The loop should be connected to the check of the level of the player...
  9. Access Actor Variables...

    Using "$" yields the following error: Cannot read property 'actor' of nullThe script is an simple function with just "console.log($;". There are four actors so the property of actor shoulnt be null right?
  10. Access Actor Variables...

    ... Dont look at me like that. I probably missed out something important, but how do I access Actor Variables?   => Wont Work this._level   => Wont Work actor.level   => Wont Work I probably missed to link the variables to something, but I have no idea to what I...
  11. Gameus' Quest System

    Did I screw up with something or can you just have 20 variables in the Game? Certainly I need more then 20 :P
  12. Game always crashes in combat

    Excuse me~ Same problem overhere. Using the "fixed" formula with the exception of the state remover, but I get the same error! :O -- Edit: Actually it works... For everyone but Monsters? I mean that I can freely use attack formulas when its the player, but when its a mob any variable will...
  13. Yanfly Question about ItemSlot Extension Eval: item.traits.push({"code": 21, "dataId": 2, "value": 1.1}); There found it, it should increase attack by 10%! Change 0.1 for other values, should be capped at 10.0 the others codes are in the...
  14. Yanfly Question about ItemSlot Extension

    It should be possible with Eval... Now is there anyone nice enough to post the eval script line? XD
  15. Equipment Rarity Colors

    Any Updates on the YanFly compitability?

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