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    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    Sure! Here it's. But being frank, I don't know the origin of this image or what are its terms of use. Maybe it's better to find another one.
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    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    The way is to search for other images that are configured correctly. The RTP of the RPG Maker XP has some fog images, for example.
  3. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    This is happening because the image you're using as fog is not loopable. As you can see, the sides of the image don't fit.
  4. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Control

    Hi! Sorry by delay. I updated the plugin, now the party leader will be able to jump without followers following him when the plugin effect is active. Check here: Gabe MZ - Followers Controll v1.0.4
  5. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Control

    The plugin makes all event commands that would normally affect the player start to affect the defined follower As I saw in your print, the error is being caused because the plugin file has the wrong name. For everything works correctly remember to leave the file with the original name, in the...
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    Gabe MZ - Step Sound

    This is my fault. I updated the plugin to fix this. 23/10/20 | Version: 1.5.1 | Followers step sound bug fix
  7. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    Everything works correctly in all my tests. But I'll take a look The JSON errors are usually incomplete or incorrectly configured plugin parameters.
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    Akea - Battle Camera

    Thank you for reporting the issue. I'll take a look.
  9. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Message Plus

    The plugin has it's own color coding. However, it's still compatible with the Visustella plugin.
  10. Gabe

    Akea - Visual Weapons

    Yes. Some adjustments may be necessary just in the case of two-handed weapon, but otherwise everything works fine. This plugin is specifically designed to work well with the pattern created by Holder. But it is a good idea for a future plugin to allow you to customize the character's complete...
  11. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Fog Effects

    On the Github page you need to click on the Raw button. After that, save it.
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    Akea - Visual Weapons

    Visual Weapons Introduction This plugin allows each weapon to have its own graphics during battle. Following the Holder's format, it's possible to define two layers of graphics for each weapon. One below the actor's spritesheet and one above. This plugin works perfectly with the Holder's...
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    Gabe MZ - Message Plus

    Not by default, but I see this as a great addition to do. How would you say? Multiple random SFXs, or set specific SFXs for each character?
  14. Gabe

    Schach - Pathfinding

    Just amazig! The way this works is monstrous. Thanks for your great work, this is one that'll be very useful.
  15. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Smart Followers

    Right. This is already a known issue. I'll work on fixing it as soon as possible.

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