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    RMMV How can i convert a project back from MV to MXAce

    What is MXAce? I only know VXAce, is there another RPG Maker engine I am somehow unaware of? I even checked which shows each version of rpg maker. Unless you mean MVAce (MZ). For MZ you can just put a game.rmmzproject in the project folder. But I am...
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    State that reduces item prices?

    One thing I can think of is making every single shop have a conditional branch that checks if an actor has a certain state. For example: This certainly isn't the most efficient way but it works. You would have to go through every shop and edit it to do this so it's not recommended if you have a...
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    Okay, new problem..... with audio this time.

    I'm not experienced but the only thing I can think of is that you have played the sound on a non-existent frame or one near the end of the animation which will cut the sound short (i think). I'm honestly useless. I'll try looking into the problem. I'm probably asking dumb questions so sorry if I...
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    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    my game that i am currently creating features an 11 year old as the main character, so yeah XD
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    I'm 372542 years older than you think

    I'm 372542 years older than you think

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