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  • Just realized I've not updated my portfolio website since I launched it - back in february 2010. And all my paid work is under NDA's. I think I need to rething the whole portfolio thing at this point.
    Man, I know that one. Although my problem is usually that the stuff I often doesn't show off my abilities or is made to work with other artist's stuff and so I can't show it.
    Why do tomorrow what you could do today? The problem occurs when today has become tomorrow for that very reason...
    Why do today what you could've done yesterday? If you didn't do it yesterday, it probably isn't too important.
    Felt inspired, so I went ahead and finished up version 1 of the Ease module, and made a thread for it. Awaiting mod approval :3
    Just documented the Game_Picture modifications in the Easing script. Also made it work with tone changes :3
    So the Easing script is working fine. Too bad I haven't made any progress on packing all my stuff for the big move on monday... Scripting is more fun ;_;
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    Engr. Adiktuzmiko
    scripting takes away most of my RM time too... haven't been able to progress with Mortem that much because of scripting
    Yes! I got selectable easing motion implemented with the eventing Move Picture command. Video coming soon :3
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I tried a new thing.

Another night, another game dev stream in about 20 minutes or so.

I've been busy. Warming up so I don't forget how to draw.
I'd make a joke about the post office, but I'm afraid you won't get it.
I've been on a really good streak lately of working on my game for at least a little bit each day. Even if I only complete one small task, it is still a much better pace than what I was maintaining previously!

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