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  1. Stealth System

    i used on an event ">@Conditional branch: Script: can_see?(-1)" but it seems not to see the character. There's a big possibility that i made something wrong. Can someone please tell me to do what have i got to write?
  2. Artificial intelligence

    Is there another metod?
  3. Artificial intelligence

    I can't download it. My antivirus reveals it as a malware.
  4. Artificial intelligence

    I need some help with the artificial intelligence. In my game, there are some people walking in a specific pattern. I want to make a person stop when he see the player, have a baloon icon and load the game over screen. I know how to do this last three things, the thing that i don't know is: how...
  5. NPC move loop

    I have followed the tutorial yet. However, i resolved the problem setting the mov route of the npc in an another place activated by player touch.
  6. NPC move loop

    I have a problem with an NPC that moves around in loop. I used a move route to make him move, but, if i activate autorun as trigger, the player cannot move when he enters in the room. If i use parallel process as trigger, the npc only go right and he stop when he finds a wall. If i activate a...

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Finally, I got a good Gmail message [from smg5urded]
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