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  1. Trying to set up an event to allow interruption of another event

    Thank you all for so much wonderful food for thought! I am not sure of what my final solution will be, but for the sake of simplicity, for now, I decided to just open with a choice to play/skip the cutscene. It's not necessarily elegant, and I am still striving for something that is a little...
  2. Trying to set up an event to allow interruption of another event

    I have a cutscene in my game which is created purely through eventing (no videos or pictures, just in-game assets). That event has been set to auto-run, and when it completes, it moves the player to a new area. That all works fine. But it's a pain in the ass watching the whole cutscene every...
  3. "Free Action" skill?

    Maybe it is that I am so tired I am missing something obvious, but I am hoping that the rest of the community can help out here. I am trying to make a certain skill (or more accurately, set of skills) take no time to activate, effectively making them "free actions" ala Dungeons and Dragons. I...
  4. 2x2 Event Graphic?

    Awesome; thank you so much! While I was actually able to get around my earlier problem rather creatively, this is going to be a godsend as far as developing the rest of my game goes.
  5. 2x2 Event Graphic?

    Okay, that at least solves the immediate problem. Thanks a lot, guys!
  6. 2x2 Event Graphic?

    You misunderstood what I was trying to ask, I think. When creating an event, and selecting a graphic for it, it only allows me to select a single tile. The graphic I need to use is two tiles by two tiles. Any way to select the entire graphic, rather than just a portion of it?
  7. 2x2 Event Graphic?

    Is there a way to set an event in MZ to have a 2x2 tile event graphic, rather than a 1x1? It seems like this should be a simple, intuitive thing, but I can't figure it out, and I couldn't find anything on the MZ forums about this issue (suppose I should probably have checked the others first...
  8. Tilesets w/o Autotiles?

    Awesome! Thanks, guys!
  9. Getting my art groove on, in anticipation of my first project in MZ. Super excited!

    Getting my art groove on, in anticipation of my first project in MZ. Super excited!
  10. Tilesets w/o Autotiles?

    Hi, I am currently working on my first game in RMMZ, and I love it so far! Having dabbled with the other engines in the series for years and years (I remember the Don Miguel releases as current software, lol), I love the new features and QoL improvements. I am aiming for creating most, if not...

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