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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    @Taugenichts:Cool bus friend. Only issue is it looks 2D, if your game is going to be like full 2D Paper Mario it'll be the great as is though. Frankly looks good, just fake a bit of 3d with it - maybe a bit of shading the colours and it'll really pop. Either put in a darker shad of red along the...
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Ello again, @CorneredCosmos: Hi friend, I can see how your trying to match the original character artwork. Your efforts might be vain. Bare with -  It looks like your source art style base images were scanned. By that they were hand drawn ink nib drawing - then the artist touched them up in...
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    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Hello fellows, I'm rather new to the forum, noticed this thread and how helpful you all seem in helping each other overcoming hurdles in your creations. Currently I feel I'm in need of help ;*( I'm currently trying to get a log(for a tileset) that serves as a bridge. I'm trying for a 16bit...
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    Grand Chronicle (Recruitment Thread) Mapper Needed

    Hello guys, Been hard at work here ;p. Got a Dungeon Map started tentatively "Forest of Sheltering Burroughs". Posted it to my Imgur for you guys to check out. Only made the Parallax map of Forest Area A so far - only uploaded the merged rather then the dual maps (Figure get your feedback if...
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    Animated Map

    I think you might have the right idea. I recall the old shining force 2 game having the end boss have the hands/arms as separate moving sprites. This sounds workable - regardless seeing this in action sounds really cool. Here's another user hoping you post pictures of the set piece Dux. Cheers
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    Grand Chronicle (Recruitment Thread) Mapper Needed

    Greetings Magnaangemon01, I recently got my hands on RPGmaker VX Ace, and would interested in joining your team in a Mapper Position. I'm relatively new to the RMVX Ace - got the program with the recent humble bundle. Now as to my experience making maps, been a DM for years. Below are some Maps...

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