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    Wario & Waluigi Character Sprites

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: VXA Art Style: Any art style will do, preferably similar to VXA's vanilla sprites Reference Images: Pretty much like that but in a style more like RPGVXA's default characters.
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    RMVXA ✡️ Planet Stuck 3 - The Third Dimension ✡️

    Another great Kumori Cloud game! Can't wait for the final version! Keep up the good work!
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    Modern and Technology Sprites

    Hello, I am looking for modern sprites for technology, but more specifically, I need a treadmill, training dummy and a gaming console and controller (separate from gaming console sprite) is anyone able to make any of these? thanks in advance. I use VXA and would like the art style to fit the...
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    Weight System

    Oh yeah I found a script that does exactly what I want and forgot to close this post. Closing it now. Thanks for the help, everyone!
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    VXA Bullet Sprite Request

    I'm looking for a bullet Edit: I made one myself, closing this post
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    VXA Bullet Sprite Request

    I'm trying to make a system where the player can shoot a projectile bullet at enemies and they would die, but I can't seem to find a bullet sprite anywhere. (I'm highly unskilled in making sprites, or else I'd do it myself)
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the help!
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    like this?
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Idk what you mean by adding a tag, sorry. (I suck at script-related stuff)
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Wait nvm i figured out what was wrong Edit: is there a way to make it so that key items weigh nothing?
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    I'm having a problem where every time i start the game, it starts me with 20 items, but my inventory is empty. (even after i set the limit to 30, it still instantly gives me 20 empty items
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    Weight System

    I'm trying to add a weight system (like in the fallout series) to my game, and have everything set up except for one issue: how do I detect when the player's inventory is too full? Can I do this normally or do I need a script? Any help will be appreciated! Edit: Also can I change the item limit...
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    Cool! Can't wait for Planet Stuck 3 to come out!
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    My 3 Year Project Is Corrupted...

    Man, that sucks. I wish there was some way I could help, but I'm not too good with decryption or anything like that.
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    game.exe got deleted!

    I checked my antivirus and it wasn't there, but thanks for the help, guys!

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